Finnøy Tunnel

The Finnøy Tunnel or Finnøy Fixed Link (Norwegian: Finnøytunnelen or Finnfast) is an undersea road tunnel in the municipality of Stavanger in Rogaland county, Norway. It connects the island of Finnøy to the nearby island of Rennesøy, and ultimately to the city of Stavanger on the mainland. The main tunnel is 5,685 metres (3.53 mi) long and it also includes a 1,467-metre (0.91 mi) long arm, which connects the tunnel to the island of Talgje.[1][2]

Finnøy Tunnel
LocationRogaland, Norway
Coordinates59°07′20″N 5°47′54″E / 59.1222°N 5.7982°E / 59.1222; 5.7982Coordinates: 59°07′20″N 5°47′54″E / 59.1222°N 5.7982°E / 59.1222; 5.7982
StatusIn use
Route Fv519
Work begun2006
OperatorStatens vegvesen
Vehicles per day1,089
Length5,685 metres (3.53 mi)
No. of lanes2
Lowest elevation−200 metres (−660 ft)
Grade9% / 10.2%

Located on County Road 519, the tunnel opened on 30 October 2009 and cost 530 million kr. The Talgje branch of the tunnel is part of County Road 606. The entire tunnel has a total of about 7,000 metres (4.3 mi) of tunnel, including the branch to Talgje. The tunnel reaches a lowest depth of 200 metres (660 ft) below sea level, with a maximum grade of 9%. The Talgje branch is slightly steeper, with a maximum grade of 10.2%. The main tunnel is two lanes, but the Talgje branch is only one lane wide, with passing areas that are slightly wider.[2][3]


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