Finland framstäldt i teckningar

Finland framstäldt i teckningar (in English Finland presented in drawings) is a series of booklets published between 1845 and 1852, containing lithographs of famous places in Finland with short descriptions, mainly edited by Zacharias Topelius.[1] The illustrations have had a significant role in the history of Finnish art and patriotism.[2]

Finland framstäldt i teckningar
Illustration of Nådendal by Johan Knutson
AuthorZacharias Topelius
Publication date
1845-1852, 2011

The publication was republished by Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in 2011 and is freely available digitally.[1] Topelius's similar historical-geographical works include En resa i Finland (A journey in Finland, 1872–1874) and Boken om vårt land (The book about our country, 1875).

Artists edit

120 illustrations were published, created by the following artists:

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