Finland's Motorcycle Museum

Finland's Motorcycle Museum is a museum located in Lahti, Finland.[2] It is the only museum in Finland specializing on motorcycles.[2] Especially the museum has on display restored world-famous motorcycles, national racebikes and mopeds.[3] The motorcycle museum's collection includes over 100 motorcycles and historical items related to motorcycling.[3] It also has yearly changing themes.[2] Finland's Motorcycle Museum was founded and is being owned by a local entrepreneur Riku Routo.[4]

Finland's Motorcycle Museum
Matchless seen at the Finnish Motorcycle Museum in Lahti (6180982611).jpg
Matchless Model 35/D80 (1935) at the Finnish Motorcycle Museum in Lahti.
Established2011 (2011)[1]
  • Veistämönkatu 1B
  • 15140 Lahti
  • Finland
Coordinates61°00′31″N 25°38′59″E / 61.00861°N 25.64972°E / 61.00861; 25.64972Coordinates: 61°00′31″N 25°38′59″E / 61.00861°N 25.64972°E / 61.00861; 25.64972
WebsiteMotorcycle Museum

In the same building with the museum is also Ace Cafe Lahti restaurant, popular destination among motorcyclists.[2] Finland's Motorcycle Museum and Ace Cafe is a popular attraction in Lahti.[2] It was chosen the most popular attraction in Lahti both in 2016 and 2017 by TripAdvisor.[2]


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