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Finix Comics is a German comic publisher and a cooperative with the goal to continue prematurely cancelled comic-series in Germany.


Finix Comics was founded in November 2007 by comic-enthusiasts unhappy with the situation of the publishing history of comic-series in Germany. The comic-market in Germany is not as distinct as, for example, in the United States or Japan, nor are comics considered an independently art-form or a serious entertainment medium as in France or Belgium. Therefore, comic series are more often than not prematurely cancelled in their German-language adaption; sometimes in the midst of a storyline, while the original series continues well beyond this.[1] Existing original material thus gets not adapted further, and readers of the series are forced to buy the original comics.
For this reason, several fans grouped together and formed Finix Comics (Finix, or Finis is French for finished), to continue cancelled series.[2] To this goal, the members of Finix obtain the rights to adapt the original material, and translate, letter, print and distribute any missing issues, continuing the series in Germany.

Statutes and membersEdit

Finix Comics is a cooperative and a registered club, whose membership is open to anyone. Members pay a yearly membership fee of €20 (around $26 as of March 2012). Members have access to a non-public internet-forum, and may obtain any comics published by Finix for a preferential price. Furthermore, members that donate €100 or more per year, can get 10 published comics for free. Finix Comics operates with a Board of Directors, nonetheless virtually every decision is openly discussed among the members.

The statutes, § 2 [1], say:" Zweck, Grundsätze, Bindung der Vereinsmittel
Der Verein will sich für das Kulturgut grafische Literatur (Comics) einsetzen. Insbesondere sollen unveröffentlichte und / oder vergriffene Werke in- und ausländischer Comicschaffender der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht werden".[3]
"Purpose, principles, binding of funds
The cooperative will campaign for the cultural assets of grafic literature (comics). Especially unpublished and / or sold issues of comic-artists from the inland and foreign countries shall be made available to the public".

To date, Finix has more than 80 investors and regular members.[4] The Board of Directors consists of Oliver-Frank Hornig, Marc Schnackers and Oriol Schreibweis.


Starting in 2008, Finix translated, lettered and released more than 80 titles, mainly Franco-Belgian comics like Les pionniers du nouveau monde by J.-F. Charles, Maryse Charles and Ersel; Quetzalcoatl by Jean-Yves Mitton; Buddy Longway by Derib; or Vasco by Gilles Chaillet and Frédéric Toublanc. In 2009 the imprint Edition Solitaire was founded; Solitaire is dedicated to exclusive high-quality albums not published in German before.[5]









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