Figure skating at the 1924 Winter Olympics

Figure skating at the 1924 Winter Olympics took place at the Stade Olympique in Chamonix, France, from 29 to 31 January 1924. Three figure skating events were contested: men's singles, ladies' singles, and pair skating.[1]

Figure skating at the I Winter Olympics
Type:Olympic Games
Men's singles:
Sweden Gillis Grafström
Ladies' singles:
Austria Herma Szabo
Pair skating:
Austria Helene Engelmann / Alfred Berger
1920 Summer Olympics
1928 Winter Olympics

This was not the first time that figure skating had been contested at the Olympic Games, as the sport had previously been included on the programme at the 1908 and 1920 Summer Olympics. Gillis Grafström successfully defended his 1920 title.

At the 1924 Winter Olympics, the figure skating events were held on a square rink rather than a rectangular one, as a last-minute change. Consequently, some competitors had difficulty adjusting their free skating programs to fit the ice surface.[2]

Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
  Gillis Grafström (SWE)   Willy Böckl (AUT)   Georges Gautschi (SUI)
Ladies' singles
  Herma Szabo (AUT)   Beatrix Loughran (USA)   Ethel Muckelt (GBR)
Pairs skating
  Helene Engelmann
and Alfred Berger (AUT)
  Ludowika Jakobsson
and Walter Jakobsson (FIN)
  Andrée Joly
and Pierre Brunet (FRA)

Medal tableEdit

Only Austria was able to win more than one medal.

1  Austria2103
2  Sweden1001
3  Finland0101
  United States0101
5  France0011
  Great Britain0011
Totals (7 entries)3339

Participating nationsEdit

Eight figure skater competed in both the singles and the pairs event.

A total of 29 figure skaters (16 men and 13 ladies) from eleven nations (men from ten nations and ladies from eight nations) competed at the Chamonix Games:


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