Figure skating at the 1908 Summer Olympics

Four figure skating events were contested at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, but they were held in October 1908, six months after most of the other Olympic events at the 1908 Games. The figure skating competition took place at the Prince's Skating Club, in the district of Knightsbridge. It was the first time that a winter sport had ever been included in the Olympic Games, sixteen years before the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix. The number of competitors was very low, with two events having only three entrants, guaranteeing a medal for participation.[1]

Figure Skating
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Figure skating pictogram.svg
VenuePrince's Skating Club
London, United Kingdom
Dates28–29 October 1908
Competitors21 from 6 nations
1920 →

Medal summaryEdit


The German gold medal winners in pair skating, Anna Hübler and Heinrich Burger
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Ulrich Salchow
Richard Johansson
Per Thorén
Men's special figures
Nikolai Panin
  Russian Empire
Arthur Cumming
  Great Britain
Geoffrey Hall-Say
  Great Britain
Ladies' singles
Madge Syers
  Great Britain
Elsa Rendschmidt
Dorothy Greenhough-Smith
  Great Britain
Anna Hübler
and Heinrich Burger
Phyllis Johnson
and James H. Johnson
  Great Britain
Madge Syers
and Edgar Syers
  Great Britain

Medal tableEdit

1  Great Britain1236
2  Sweden1113
3  Germany1102
4  Russian Empire1001
Totals (4 nations)44412

Participating nationsEdit

21 figure skaters from 6 nations competed.


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