Fight on Šuplji Kamen

On 27 May 1904, there was a fight on Šuplji Kamen (Serbian: борба на Шупљем Камену/borba na Šupljem Kamenu) between the Serbian Chetnik Organization, a Serbian rebel faction, and the Ottoman army under Hamdi Pasha.

Fight on Šuplji Kamen
Part of Serbian Chetnik Organization
Date27 May 1904
Location42°06′14″N 21°48′19″E / 42.103889°N 21.805278°E / 42.103889; 21.805278
Result Ottoman victory
Serbian Chetnik Organization Ottoman Empire Ottoman Army
Commanders and leaders
Anđelko Aleksić   Hamdi Pasha
24 N/A
Casualties and losses
all dead 4 dead
Fight on Šuplji Kamen is located in Republic of North Macedonia
Fight on Šuplji Kamen
Location of Šuplji Kamen in the Republic of Macedonia


On 25 April, two bands (četa) of some 20 fighters under voivodes Anđelko Aleksić and Đorđe Cvetković swore oath in a ceremony of the Serbian Committee (Dr. Milorad Gođevac, Vasa Jovanović, Žika Rafajlović, Luka Ćelović and General Jovan Atanacković), with prota Nikola Stefanović holding the prayers.[1] The Committee had prepared the formation of the first bands for a number of months.[1] The Chetniks were sent for Poreče, and on 8 May they headed out from Vranje, to Buštranje, which was divided between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire.[2]


The Chetniks were escorted by Vasilije Trbić, who told them that the best way was to go through the Kozjak and then down to the Vardar.[3] The two voivodes however, wanted the fastest route, through the Kumanovo plains and then to Četirac.[3] They managed to enter Turkish territory but were subsequently exposed in the plain Albanian and Turkish villages, and the Ottomans closed in on them from all sides, and they decided to stay on the Šuplji Kamen, which gave them little defence instead of meeting the army on the plains; in broad daylight, the Ottoman military easily poured bombs over the hill and killed all 24 of the Chetniks on 27 May.[4]

According to Serbian state documents, the death toll was 24 Chetniks, a zaptı (Ottoman gendarmerie), and three Ottoman soldiers.[5] Serbian deputy Ristić, according to the document, named Žika Rafajlović as the organizer of the band, and that "such adventures and thoughtless treacherous actions should be stopped".[5]

List of the deadEdit

  • Vojvoda Anđelko Aleksić of Midinaca
  • Krsta Mihailović of Brezna near Tetovo
  • Marko Veljković of Bukovljana near Kumanovo
  • Đorđe Cvetković of Labuništa in Drimkol
  • Manojlo Anastasijević of Elovec near Tetovo
  • Micko Kuzmanović of Midinaca
  • Milan Drndarević of Prilep
  • Milutin Stojković of Jagodina
  • Stevan Šutović of Kuča
  • Koce Arizanović-Poreče
  • Jovan Radosavljević of Ibarskog Kolašin
  • Toma Vasiljević of Dragačeva
  • Spira Pelivan of Tetovo
  • Đorđe Jeleković of Vranje
  • Spasa Janković of Vranja
  • Proka Stojanović of Poreče
  • Stojan Novaković of Poreče
  • Bilan Čoković of Gostivar
  • Gruja Stevković of Gostivar
  • Mihajlo Kocić of Valjevo
  • Đoše Kocević of Margara near Prilep


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