Fifty-Ninth Army (Japan)

The Japanese 59th Army (第59軍, Dai-gojyūku gun) was an army of the Imperial Japanese Army during the final days of World War II.

Japanese Fifty-Ninth Army
ActiveJune 15, 1945 – August 15, 1945
CountryEmpire of Japan
BranchImperial Japanese Army
Nickname(s)山陽 (San'yo, after San'yo region)
EngagementsOperation Downfall

History edit

The Japanese 59th Army was formed on June 15, 1945, under the Japanese 15th Area Army as part of the last desperate defense effort by the Empire of Japan to deter possible landings of Allied forces in the San'yo region of western Honshū during Operation Downfall. The Japanese 59th Army consisted mostly of poorly trained reservists, conscripted students and home guard militia. Headquartered in Hiroshima, most of its command staff, including its commander Lieutenant General Yoji Fujii, were killed during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Together with the 2nd General Army, Fifth Division, and other combat divisions in the city who were also hit, an estimated 20,000 Japanese combatants were killed. Remnants of the 59th Army attempted to perform relief work and maintain public order in the devastated city with little success. The IJA 59th Army was officially demobilized after the surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945.

List of Commanders edit

Commanding officer edit

Name From To
1 Lieutenant General Yoji Fujii 15 June 1945 6 August 1945
2 Lieutenant General Teiki Nakanishi 6 August 1945 12 August 1945
3 Lieutenant General Jitsuo Tani 12 August 1945 15 August 1945

Chief of Staff edit

Name From To
1 Major General Takeo Kaji 15 June 1945 5 July 1945
2 Major General Shuitsu Matsumara 5 July 1945 18 September 1945
3 Lieutenant General Saburo Kawamura 18 August 1945 30 November 1945

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