Fifteen-Year-Old Captain

Fifteen-Year-Old Captain, (Russian: Пятнадцатилетний капитан) is a 1945 Soviet adventure film directed by Vasily Zhuravlyov.[1][2][3][4][5]

Fifteen-Year-Old Captain
Russian: Пятнадцатилетний капитан
Directed byVasily Zhuravlyov
Written by
Music byNikita Bogoslovskiy
CinematographyYuli Fogelman
CountrySoviet Union


The film tells about the fifteen-year-old sailor Dick Sand, who as a result of the betrayal of the ship's cocago Negoro is on the banks of Angola, where his adventures begin.[6]

This is an adaptation of Jules Verne's novel Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen.



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