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Fidai Khan Koka (real name Muzaffar Hussain), was foster brother (Koka is suffix for foster brother), Governor of Lahore[1] and master of ordnance of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. He is credited with leading construction on the Persian Gardens known as Pinjore Gardens near Chandigarh - the post-partition capital of Punjab - as well as building Badshahi Mosque (1671-73) of Lahore.[2]

Fidai Khan Koka
BornMuzaffar Hussain
Full name
Muzaffar Hussain



Pinjore Garden was built during the early days of Aurangzeb's rule, however, the exact dates of completion are not known. Since the time of Shah Jahan, Mughals reserved the pavilions with Balustered columns supporting the cusped arches only for the use of the Shahanshah and his immediate family, hence, it was likely built for Aurangzeb's personal use as summer retreat.[3]


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