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Fictional locations in Thomas & Friends

The television series Thomas & Friends is mostly set on the fictional Island of Sodor. The children's books the series is based on, The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry and his son Christopher features a slightly different set of locations.


Island of SodorEdit

Settlements (Towns and Villages)Edit

This lists each and every town and local village located across the Island of Sodor, served by the standard gauge North Western, the narrow gauge Skarloey and the 15-inch gauge Arlesdale Railways, respectively.


Abbey Station is located on the Peel Godred Branch Line.


Arlesburgh is an ancient seaside town, located upon both sides of River Arle Estuary on the west coast of the Island of Sodor, along Duck's Branch Line - The Little Western, between Bluff's Cove and Harwick.

Arlesburgh Goods Yard is located north of the seaside town itself, a shed was built here (accommodating Ryan and Daisy, both whom run the Harwick extension of the Little Western). The Goods Yard was introduced in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, and later appeared in Season 20.

Arlesburgh Harbour is located adjacent to the seaside town itself, it first appeared in Season 3 and later reappeared in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and in Season 20. The Little Western passes through this harbour en route to Harwick.

The Harbour is also one of the most prominent ports in Sodor's Industry, and is also home to various boats and barges, including The Pirate Ship and Skiff the Rail-Boat.

Arlesburgh Maritime Museum is located adjacent to the quay and lighthouse close-by with the harbour itself, the museum is served by a halt. It made its first appearance in Season 20.

Arlesburgh West (a.k.a. Arlesburgh Junction) is a through station on Duck's Branch Line – the Little Western, which passes through to the seaside town itself. It is where the line interchanges with the 15-inch gauge Arlesdale Railway.


Arlesdale is a village, located in the valley of the River Arle from which it gets its name.

It is the top station of the 15-inch gauge Arlesdale Railway.

It made its debut in Season 20.

Arlesdale EndEdit

Arlesdale End was the end of Toby's old tramway. His shed and a turntable were just beyond the station, and many visitors came to the station the day his line closed down.[1]

The station has a new track that extends beyond pass Toby's shed.


The village of Balladrine is served by a station, located on the Main Line sharing a similar structure with Dryaw Station on Thomas's Branch Line.


Ballahoo is a dormitory town, (located northeast of Crovan's Gate and southwest of Vicarstown) serviced by a station on Arthur's branch line.

Bluff's CoveEdit

Bluff's Cove is a seaside village, located between Haultrough and Arlesburgh, on Duck's branch line.


Brendam is a town, located at the end of a peninsula, and served by a station. It is shown in seasons 2 and 3.

It is the top station of Edward's branch line. Brendam Docks is located a few yards away.

Upper Brendam is another station, located between Lower Suddery and to the North of Brendam.

Brendam Docks (introduced by name in Season 5) is one of the busiest and most important dockyard harbours in the Island's Industry.


Cabalnoo is a village located northwest of Kirk Ronan. A railway station is located here on the Main Line Loop Route.


Callan is a town, served by a station. The station has a platform on either side of three tracks – two of those tracks pass under a bridge, while the third leads to a single shed. Behind one of the platforms is an adjacent shunting yard, which at one point featured an open shed.

Callan is located East of the town of Peel, and its name comes from the exact river (of the same name) on the Reverend W Awdry's maps of Sodor.


Cronk is a historic country town, located upon a curiously rocky outcrop, close to the Centre of the Valley towards the Heart of Sodor.

It is located (between Maron and Killdane) and also the halfway point along The Main Line.


Crosby is a seaside town, located between Knapford and Wellsworth on The Main Line, it is also the junction for The Loop Line, (via Elsbridge and Callandale) to Tidmouth.


Cros-ny-Cuirn is a village located between Crovan's Gate and Glennock, along the Skarloey Railway.

The station (which is serviced by the Narrow Gauge Railway).

Crovan's GateEdit

Crovan's "Gate" is the terminus of the Skarloey Railway[2] and a station on the main line of the North Western Railway, serving the town of the same name.[3]

Although The Works from the books were mentioned, they were never specifically seen at Crovan's Gate, and over time different locations have been used for the maintenance of engines.[4][5]

The station returned in the season 18 episode Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger.


The village of Dryaw is located (between Knapford and Toryreck), on Thomas's Branch Line.

The station (serving the village), is next to an adjacent small airfield and Harold, Tiger Moth, and the red balloon are frequently seen here. Certain episodes feature the station on Thomas's branch line,[6] while in others, main line trains pass through.[7][8]

A small footbridge that runs over the rails and runs from the platform on one side to the platform on the other side. Dryaw also has a small picket fence running at the edge of the platform, separating the platform from the airfield. The name is an anagram of "Awdry".


The village of Elsbridge is served by a station, which is (or was) the original junction (and middle) station on Thomas's Branch Line, as well as The Loop Line between Crosby and Tidmouth en route.

It is located in the countryside, and the station (known as the station by/near the river) consists of two island platforms, linked with a footbridge, station structure and canopies, even adjacent signaling too.

Additionally, there were also an adjacent yard and some sheds, where coaching stock, goods trains, and sometimes railway engines resided.[9][10][11]

Other fellow stations have occasionally served as junctions for Thomas's branch line.

According to the TV Series map, Elsbridge is also the junction on The Loop Line running from Tidmouth (via Callandale and Elsbridge, itself) to "just east" of Crosby.


The town of Ffarquhar is located east of Hackenbeck, and also the terminus of Thomas's branch line.

Here, The Top Station, is an island-platform station, with tracks on both opposite sides, with the station building structure centered in-between

Although Thomas's branch line terminates at Ffarquhar, the line in-fact continues beyond the top station, along a tramway-style section to Anopha (Ffarquhar) Quarry.

An adjacent shunting yard was extant, located just beside the top station.[12]


Glennock is a village, located adjacent to the Skarloey Railway.

It is located presumably midway between Crovan's Gate and Skarloey Top station.

Great WatertonEdit

Great Waterton was once the largest railway town on Sodor. As time went on and industry spread to new towns, Waterton was abandoned. When Thomas later discovered the town through an old, overgrown branch line, the industries of Sodor worked to restore it as a major attraction.[13] Edward delivered a large water wheel to be put on display by the station.[14]

The rails at Waterton station branch off in several directions, and some tracks are elevated above the Main Line. Some tracks lead to a disused mine in the mountains.


The village of Hackenbeck is located west of the town of Ffarquhar on Thomas's Branch Line.


Harwick is a seaside town (and fishing port) located on the northernmost side of the Island of Sodor.

The fishing town is also the Top Station of the newly constructed Harwick extension of the Little Western, which runs through nearby Arlesburgh Harbour and up the coast to the fishing town itself.

It was mentioned in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and first seen in Season 20.


Haultrough is a seaside village located (between Tidmouth and Bluff's Cove) on Duck's Branch Line - The Little Western, the station itself, is an island platform station, with the track passing on opposite sides, with the station building centered in between.


Kellaby is a village, served by a station located between Kellsthorpe and Balladrine on the Main Line.

Kellsthorpe RoadEdit

Kellesthorpe Road is a large train station on the Main Line, (introduced in Season 8). Thomas helped to carry the workmen to and from the construction site when it first opened. There was a sharp, difficult bend just before the station, so Annie and Clarabel would help Thomas to pass it easily. When the coaches had to go to the shop for maintenance, Thomas was nervous and came off the track at the bend. Later, some runaway trucks came down the Main Line towards the construction site. Thomas remembered the coaches' advice and made it to the station to warn the signalman about the trucks.[15]


Killaban is a village located south of Cronk and southwest of Killdane.


Killdane is a town located near Cronk.

It is also on The Main Line, as well as the starting point of the Peel Godred branch line. Killdane is also the junction to the Killdane Branch Line.

Kirk RonanEdit

Kirk Ronan is a town, served by a large terminus. When Gordon first visited, he was disappointed at the blank wall in front of the buffers as he arrived. When the station officially opened, Gordon crashed through the wall, hanging several feet above the ground. When the station reopened, part of the opening made by the crash remained, with a plaque reading "Gordon's View."[16]

Kirk Ronan functioned in the role usually reserved for Knapford. Although main line engines travelled to the station in the TV series, in the books it only featured historically, as the terminus of the Sodor & Mainland Railway, the first standard gauge line on the island.


Knapford is one of the two main towns on the Island of Sodor, the other being Tidmouth.

Knapford Station has six platforms, and a large glass roof. It contains The Fat Controller's office, and is the station where HM The Queen visited The Fat Controller. Gordon also pulls his Express from here every day.

Knapford Junction is located adjacent to the station itself, the junction is formed of the crossovers in-between.

Knapford Sheds are where engines and coaches are sometimes stored. The main shed has five parallel tracks running into it, and a yard just outside.[17][18][19] Engines sometimes come here for repairs.[4]

Knapford Yard (located north of the town itself), is where shunting often takes place, some repair sheds are also located here.[20][21]

Knapford was introduced in Season 1 and has been in nearly every season. It was briefly a terminus station early in the show's very first season, and a harbor yard could sometimes be seen through it.[22][23] A new model was built for Thomas and the Magic Railroad and later seasons. In the newer model, track extends beyond the station and turns away..

In season one episode "Thomas and Gordon", what becomes Tidmouth sheds is present and named as Knapford sheds as shown on the signal box carrying a "Knapford" nameboard instead.

Knapford is currently described as the junction to Thomas's Branch Line. The name comes from the parish of Knapwell, where Awdry was vicar.

Knapford Station Yard (introduced in The Adventure Begins), is a large shunting area was added adjacent to the station. The shunting yard consists of sidings, a couple of sheds and a coal hopper. The station also got signal gantries and crossovers.

Knapford Harbour is a dockyard harbour, located west of Knapford station itself.


Lakeside is a village, located at the northern limit of the Skarloey Railway. The village itself is located adjacent to the lake, from which it gains its name, there is also a harbour in-between.

A Blue Drawbridge is located here (where Boats enter or exit the harbour), along with a Junction in-between. A loop of the Skarloey Railway runs-round the village and lake.


The village of Maithwaite is served by a small station, located besides an adjacent level crossing, with two lines running through. Main line and Branch line engines have been seen running through. Percy once helped the station win a "Best-Dressed Station" contest, almost not making it due to a ram and some trouble-making boys.[24]

Maithwaite is located (between Elsbridge and Hackenbeck) on Thomas's Branch line.


Maron is a local village located on the eastern end of Gordon's Hill. In the TV series, the station (serving the village) has appeared (with two different designs).

Maron is also the junction for the Town of Ulfstead, (via the Summerhouse) Northwards, and for the Sodor Search & Rescue Centre Southwards.


The resort of Norramby is located on the East Coast of the Island of Sodor, It is the top station of Arthur's Branch Line.


Peel (also known as, Peel Godred) is a station on the Peel Godred Branch line. It has four platforms, two being on an island platform between the centre tracks.[25] Near the station there is a town hall and a bakery.

Rheneas (Village)Edit

Rheneas is a village served by a station (located between Glennock and the village of Skarloey) on the Skarloey Railway.

Rheneas Viaduct, Bridge and Tunnel are located nearby.

Skarloey (Village)Edit

Skarloey is a village and the top station of the Skarloey Railway.

It is located between Rheneas Village and Lakeside.


Suddery is a town located mid-way along the Peninsula of the island, it is also the Capital of the Island of Sodor and served by two train stations, both located on Edward's Branch Line.

Lower Suddery Station was seen early in the show's run.[26][27] And is (or was) on Edward the Blue Engine's Branch line, between Wellsworth and Upper Brendam.


Tidmouth is one of the two main towns on the Island of Sodor, the other being Knapford.

The town is also the largest railway centre and is the headquarters of the North Western Railway.

In the original books, Tidmouth is the main settlement and largest station and engine shed on Sodor. In the TV series, Knapford is largest, and a number of different locations have used the name Tidmouth, making the town of Tidmouth, (itself) the second largest and co-main settlement, even on the Island of Sodor.

Tidmouth Station is (or perhaps was) a station with a glass roof and a row of three lines passing through.[9] There was a group of engine sheds where the engines on Thomas's branch line lived from time to time.[28][29][30] There was also a coal depot in the yards nearby.[31][32][33] The engines on Duck's branch line primarily worked here for another period,[34][35] and the station was at one point referred to as "The Works."[36]

Lower Tidmouth station is a railway station (located midway between Tidmouth and Knapford) it was sometimes seen as the junction for Thomas's branch line.

Tidmouth Hault is a station located on the West Coast of Sodor, along Duck's Branch Line, (between Tidmouth and Haultrough). Toby, Duck, and Donald helped to build the engine sheds there.[37] Sometimes main line engines or engines from Thomas's branch line have been seen passing through, as the station is also the junction for a separate line to Callandale (on the Loop Line towards Elsbridge).[12][38][39][40][41]

Tidmouth Tunnel (aka, the Caste Tunnel) is located between Tidmouth and Tidmouth Hault, on Duck's branch line - the Little Western. In addition, a nearby picturesque lake is located adjacent to the tunnel close-by.

Tidmouth Town Square is located north of Tidmouth Station itself, co-serving the town of Tidmouth.

Tidmouth Sheds are the main engine sheds (located near Tidmouth Station, itself), where Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and Emily (since Calling All Engines) live. Toby occasionally stays at Tidmouth Sheds.

Other engines have also been know to stay at Tidmouth Sheds, including Stanley in The Great Discovery, Flynn the Fire Engine in Day of the Diesels and Spencer multiple times.

Duck, Donald, Douglas and Oliver formerly lived at Tidmouth Sheds. Duck stayed in the sheds in the Season 18 episode, "Duck And The Slip Coaches", where he co-helped with the increasing passenger service and holiday traffic in-between.

Tidmouth Harbour (aka, Tidmouth Docks) is a sheltered dockyard harbour (and one of the busiest and prominent ports in Sodor's Industry), located close to the sea and has an extensive railway system, connecting with The Main Line. The Flying Kipper usually begins its journeys from here to other parts of the Island.


Toryreck is a local village, located between Dryaw and Elsbridge on Thomas's Branch Line.

The village is served by a country station, with a single platform and consists of a siding and shed, on the opposite end.

Toryreck is also close to a Junction where it breaches of towards Knapford Harbour, as well as another separate line to the Lead Mines, in-between.


The town of Ulfstead is located North of Maron (on The Main Line), and East of the town of Ffarquhar (on Thomas's Branch Line).

It is well known for Ulfstead Castle which is located nearby, and dominates the town below.

Ulfstead is also on the Maron-Ulfstead branch line, which actually runs to the nearby Ulfstead Castle.


Vicarstown is a town located on the East Coast of the Island of Sodor, served by a railway station (of the same name), and is also the location of the Dieselworks. it made its debut in The Great Race, and has even appeared in Journey Beyond Sodor.


Wellsworth, is a town,"[42] served by a station (also known as "Edward's Station"), located between Crosby and Maron on The Main Line, connecting (as the junction to) Edward's branch line, as well as another branch line, running North-East of the Town, to a Coaling Yard.

There is also an adjacent yard behind the station that has changed from time to time.[43][44][45][46]

The town is also located at the northern end of a peninsula, towards the Sudrian Capital of Suddery, and onto the coast of Brendam.

The vicar of Wellsworth is the Rev Charles Laxey, whose home The Vicarage Orchard is the home of Trevor the Traction Engine.

Harbours and PortsEdit

Along the Coastlines of the Island of Sodor, there are plenty of dockyard harbours and prominent ports, where ships, boats and barges come into port, and where the Standard Gauge NWR interchange and provide, as listed below.

Arlesburgh HarbourEdit

Arlesburgh is the exact location of Arlesburgh Harbour; it is located on Duck's Branch Line - The Little Western, and it is where Percy, Duck and some of the other engines have worked. The harbour is one of the most prominent ports on the Island of Sodor.

The harbour is also home to Skiff and various Boats and Barges, including The Pirate Ship, as well as a Harbour Warehouse, along with a quay and lighthouse.

Brendam DocksEdit

Brendam is home to one of the most prominent ports on the Island of Sodor. Many characters work here, but the main fixtures are Cranky the Crane,[47] Salty, a diesel shunter,[48] and since Series 17 Porter,[49] a dockside tank engine. Bill and Ben sometimes work or spend the night here.[50][51][52][53]

The Sodor Shipping Company has a large warehouse here. Steam trampers and ocean liners frequently pass through.

Christopher Awdry often criticises the design of this version of the harbour, as it is far too large for the volume of traffic an island like Sodor would require, any day. However, the Sodor of the television series is generally very different from that of the books.

Many building, ship and crane models actually originate from Tugs. This series was set in a large port serving a major (American) city, which goes some way to explaining the size of Brendam Docks.

The harbour sets were rarely consistent before Season 5 introduced Brendam by name, and different seasons featured different-looking sets.[11][44][54][55][56]

Brendam also marks the end of Edward's Branch Line.

Knapford HarbourEdit

Located West of Knapford on The Main Line, lies Knapford Harbour.

This Dockyard Harbour is located on a goods-only route, branching off from a junction (south of Toryreck, on Thomas's branch line).

Percy and some of the other engines helped out with the construction of the Harbour, and The Main Line crosses a nearby bridge, spanning above the adjacent Harbour station close-by.

The Fishing VillageEdit

The Fishing Village is a harbour, located between Ballahoo and Norramby on Arthur's Branch Line.

This is where, fish is collected and loaded into wagons (mainly salt wagons), bound for other parts of the Island. The smell of fish is almost everywhere across the area.

Arthur (the main fixture) works here and runs the branch line to Norramby in-between.

The WharfEdit

The Wharf is a port, located North-East of the town of Crovan's Gate (and also across the Bay from the seaside town of Norramby).

This is where both the NWR and the Skarloey Railway meet and interchange in-between.

Tidmouth HarbourEdit

Located close to the end of the Main Line, Tidmouth Harbour (aka, Tidmouth Docks) is one of the busiest ports in Sodor's Industry.

It is where The Flying Kipper usually collects fish and deliver along the Main Line to and fro.

Mines, Pits and QuarriesEdit

Stone quarries and mining pits have been shown and mentioned throughout the television series run.[26][57][58][59]

Anopha Quarry (aka, Ffarquhar Quarry)Edit

Anopha Quarry (aka, Centre Island Quarry and Ffarquhar Quarry), is a stone quarry, located at the very end of Thomas's Branch Line.

Mavis (the main fixture) works here, shunting and arranging trucks, full of stone into place, with Toby and Henrietta bring quarry workers to and from the quarry, Percy also helps out here "from time to time" and even collects stone trucks bound for the Harbour.

Bill and Ben (both still bearing the markings of the Sodor China Clay Company, respectively) have also helped out here.

Most frequently other engines,[48][60] such as, Thomas, Stepney (during another of his visits to Sodor), Fergus, Stanley, Diesel, 'Arry and Bert (both bearing the markings of the Sodor Ironworks, respectively) have also helped out at the quarry.

Salty also helped out at Ffarquhar Quarry, before relocating to Brendam Docks thereafter (to his delight). Den once helped out at the Quarry, filling in for Mavis (while she was being repaired at The Dieselworks).

Anopha Quarry is also known by two other alternative names, "Centre Island Quarry" (During Seasons 6-11) and "Ffarquhar Quarry" (Since Season 17).

Blue Mountain QuarryEdit

The Blue Mountain Quarry (first introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery) is a large slate quarry, located on one of the narrow gauge lines of the Skarloey Railway. It is also served by a standard gauge branch line that branches of the Peel Godred branch line.

The narrow gauge engines Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, and Luke (the main fixtures), work here, and Paxton often takes stone from the quarry to other destinations in-between.

Other engines such as, Thomas, Henry, Toby and Samson have also occasionally helped out at the BMQ, and Spencer once collected a large delivery of stone during the rebuilding of Ulfstead Castle (much to his embarrassment).

Merrick and Owen (also the main fixtures) are stationed here.

Maithwaite Quarry MineEdit

Maithwaite Quarry Mine (commonly known as The Abandoned Mine) was an old mothballed quarry, located between Elsbridge and Maithwaite on Thomas's Branch Line.

Skarloey Slate MinesEdit

The Skarloey Slate Mines (commonly known as the Skarloey Railway Slate Quarry) are a large slate-mining quarry, located south of the actual top station of the Skarloey Railway. Most of the narrow gauge engines usually worked here, and it was also here that Peter Sam had an accident with some trucks.

Although Slate-Mining is staple of the Skarloey Railway. These mines have a winch at the top of a slope called an incline with a cable wrapped around. Both cables are coupled to the end of a line of trucks. Trucks loaded with slate roll down one side of the incline, and this motion pulls the empty trucks up to the top.[61]

Sodor China Clay CompanyEdit

The Sodor China Clay Company, (commonly known as the China Clay Pits) are both a quarry and a mine, located at the very end of Edward's Branch Line, near Brendam Docks.

Bill and Ben, along with Timothy and Marion (the main fixtures) work here.

Their duties are shunting and arranging China Clay trucks into place, while Marion "The Steam Shovel" has the job of digging and loading China Clay into trucks, bound for other destinations across Sodor.

Sodor Slate QuarryEdit

The Sodor Slate Quarry was a slate quarry located on the Quarry Branch Line south of the Blue Mountain Quarry on the north slope of the Sudrian Mountain Shane Dooiney as well as to the south of the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Ulfstead MineEdit

Ulfstead Mine is an old and abandoned (later operational) mine, located further below Ulfstead Castle.

It was here that Stephen found and discovered King Godred's Crown and Percy bravely encountered the mine to rescue some Troublesome Trucks.

The mine was later made operational again, as Philip worked down the mine and Edward briefly slept here, only to be disturbed by dynamite blasts.

The mine was first seen in King of the Railway, and later appeared in seasons 18 and 21.

The Coal MineEdit

The Coal Mine was a mine located North-East of Wellsworth, along a branch line that passed a local village (that was serviced by a halt), and up a steep hill before arriving at the Coaling Yard.

Although coal wasn't a major resource on Sodor in the books, The Coal Mine had been used in the television series. The mine collapsed when runaway trucks crashed into a support beam down below the shaft. This mine had a canvas barrier along the tracks outside. Percy and his crew, managed to survive an avalanche by hiding under the canvas as the track was buried.[62]

Another Mine was also on a narrow gauge line of the Skarloey Railway, built on an incline similar to the Skarloey slate mines.[63]

The Lead MinesEdit

The Lead Mines are located near Toryreck on Thomas's Branch Line, accessing via the goods-only line (towards Knapford Harbour). The Lead Mines (formerly mined for what gained them their name, until the lead veins dried up in 1930), since then it is Uranium that is mined here.

It was where Thomas once passed a danger sign and fell down a mine, as the track was unstable.

This place is where the ground could hold the weight of trucks, but not the weight of any railway engines, as most tracks around the site are often unstable, as the ground is not firm enough to house any cranes.


So far, around four farms (located along Thomas's Branch Line) are helpfully served by rail, they even have the contract to see farm produce and farmyard animals transported by rail.

Crowe's FarmEdit

Crowe's Farm is a small Farm located between Knapford and Dryaw, on Thomas's Branch Line.

A level crossing is located nearby, it was here a cart of lime was stranded on the rails and Percy crashed into the latter by accident.

McColl FarmEdit

Farmer McColl's Farm is a large Farm located between Toryreck and Elsbridge, on Thomas's Branch Line.

It is where Trevor (whom resides at the local vicarage orchard, nr Wellsworth) helps out here.

Trotter FarmEdit

Farmer Trotter's Farm is a Pig Farm located between Elsbridge and Maithwaite, on Thomas's Branch Line.

Finney FarmEdit

Farmer Finney's Farm is a Farm, located near Hackenbeck, on Thomas's Branch Line.

It is where Terence lives and works.

Other IndustriesEdit

As well as the Dockyard Harbours, the Stone Quarries and Farms across the Island, there are also further different types of Industry, found on other parts of Sodor, as listed below.

Aluminium WorksEdit

Located Northwards from the town of Peel ... The Sodor Aluminium Works is where Aluminium is brought from Tidmouth for manufacturing Ingots and other things, prior to deliveries for The Mainland.

Crock's Scrap YardEdit

Crock's Scrap Yard is a slightly small scrapyard, located between Wellsworth and Suddery on Edward's branch line.

It is where rusty old iron and other past one time machinery is broken up into pieces and loaded into trucks, before any other engine takes them to the Sodor Ironworks for melting down and reused again.

Trevor the Traction Engine was rescued from scrap around here, thanks to both Edward, his footplate crew and The Vicar.

Reg (the main fixture) is stationed here.

Mr Jolly's Chocolate FactoryEdit

Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory (aka, the Sodor Chocolate Factory) is a factory and local business trade, located (North of Abbey station) on the Peel Godred branch line.

The factory manufactures chocolate and other products, before they're transported by rail to local shops across the island.

It was originally located at the bottom of a hill along the line, however following Percy's accident, it is relocated, further away from the foot of that hill.

Sodor Cement WorksEdit

The Sodor Cement Works is an industrial place, located on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.

It is where Fergus usually works, and is also the pride of the Cement Works.

Sodor DieselworksEdit

The Sodor Dieselworks (Introduced in Day of the Diesels) is the diesel (and electric) equivalent of the Sodor Steamworks, and the main fuelling hub of the diesel engines on the North Western Railway.

The Dieselworks (generally known as the Vicarstown Dieselworks) is also home to some of the diesel engines, and the whole site is composed of a shed with 5 berths to accommodate some of the diesels, along with a repair shed (equipped with an elevating turntable), Diesel 10's own shed, the back shed and an on-site smelting department. It is located on the western outskirts of Vicarstown.

This is where most of the diesels are repainted, repaired and overhauled.

Den and Dart (the main fixtures) live and work here, along with a crane named "Happy Hook" who is stationed here.

Diesel 10, Norman, Paxton and Sidney, along with Devious Diesel are also allocated here.

Sodor Ironworks (aka, The Smelters Yard)Edit

The Sodor Ironworks (a.k.a. the Sodor Steelworks, and the Smelters Yard), is the exact location where 'Arry and Bert (the main fixtures) usually work, shunting and hauling trucks filled (to the brim) with scrap to and from the smelters shed and nearby adjacent yard. The Ironworks/Steelworks are located south of Killdane.

Many fellow railway engines often dread working there.[64][65] Some of the tracks are lined with rusted old engines. Inside the sheds, sparks fly everywhere, and a large crane arm lifts material to be smelted.[66][67]

Stepney once got lost on a foggy night, and his crew left to ask for help. When the fog cleared, Stepney was left without his crew, and the diesels took him to the smelters. Stepney was saved just in time by The Fat Controller, who was inspecting the yards that evening.[59]

There is also Crock's Scrap Yard, located alongside Edward's Branch Line.[68] Engines on the Other Railway await scrapping in large yards.[36][69]

Sodor SteamworksEdit

The Sodor Steamworks (Introduced in Hero of the Rails) are a large repairing yard, and the main fueling hub for the steam engines of the North Western Railway, and is home to one of the whole railway's largest workshops.

Victor and Kevin (the main fixtures) live and work there. The Skarloey Railway also has a narrow gauge line that starts from just behind the Steamworks.

This is where most railway engines are overhauled and fully repaired, even checked over, let alone repainted. Some diesels were previously repaired here, (Prior to the resurrection of the Sodor Dieselworks, near Vicarstown).

It is located in nearby Crovan's Gate, adjacent to the Main Line.

Sodor Search and Rescue CentreEdit

The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre (introduced in "Misty Island Rescue"), is the base of emergencies and operations for the main fixtures Belle, Flynn, Rocky, Butch, Harold and Captain.

This location consists of a Shed for Belle, Flynn and Rocky, a spare shed for Butch, a Helipad for Harold, and an Adjacent Dock for Captain.

The Search & Rescue Centre is located, south of Maron, south-east of Wellsworth, east of Suddery and west of Killaban.

The DairyEdit

The Dairy is a business trade, whom have the contract with the fat controller's railway, to transport dairy products such as Milk, Eggs, Cheese and various other products by rail.

In-fact, there are two dairies located on the Island of Sodor, and both serviced by the North Western Railway.

One is located near Toryreck, on Thomas's Branch Line, whilst another is located west of Crosby along The Main Line, where an adjacent field of cows is close-by, (as is an opposite field with hens too).

The Ice Cream FactoryEdit

The Ice Cream Factory is located near Killdane, along The Main Line.

This is where all types of ice cream are made, and the factory (like many fellow industries) has the contract with the NWR, to see its products transported by rail.

The Lumber Mill and Timber YardEdit

The Lumber Mill and Timber Yard is where trees and logs are sent by rail for cutting down.

The Lumber Yards are located north of Crovan's Gate (and close to Henry's Forest), on the Main Line.

The Power StationEdit

The Sodor Power Station produces electricity for the Island of Sodor.

It is located (towards the Aluminium Works) further northwards pass the town of Peel along the Peel Godred branch line.

Wellsworth Scrap YardsEdit

The Wellsworth Scrap Yards are located to the west of Wellsworth, just off the main line, after a level crossing. It is where Trevor the Traction Engine was left to be scrapped, and it is the line that leads to the Harbour.

Whiff's Waste DumpEdit

Whiff's Waste Dump (introduced in "Misty Island Rescue") is where most of Sodor's rubbish and refuse is taken to for disposing of, the waste dump is equipped with a row of cranes and crushers.

Whiff and Scruff (the main fixtures) work here.

It is located between Hawin Lake and Kirk Machan on the Peel Godred branch line, close to the junction for the branch line to the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Other rail-served industriesEdit

The following is a list of the other rail-served industries that have a direct bearing on the plotlines in various episodes of the TV series:

  • Bakeries:[70] There are local bakeries located across the Island of Sodor, including one that is located west of Kirk Ronan, using flour from the Sodor Flour Mill.
  • Fireworks factory
  • Flour Mill[70]
  • Pudding Factory:[71] It is located on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.
  • Toy Factory: It is located on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.

Rail shunting yardsEdit

  • Arlesburgh Goods Yard
    • located north of the seaside town of Arlesburgh, some goods trains are sometimes arranged here
  • Crosby
    • located adjacent to Crosby station itself, on the Main Line
  • Elsbridge
    • located adjacent to nearby Elsbridge Junction, on both the Loop Line towards Crosby, and on Thomas's Branch Line towards Ffarquhar
  • Ffarquhar
    • located adjacent to the top station of Thomas's Branch Line
  • Knapford (North)
    • located north of Knapford station on the Main Line
  • Knapford Station Yard
    • located adjacent to Knapford Station
  • Lower Suddery
    • located a few yards from the nearby station on Edward's Branch Line
  • Maron Yard
    • located alongside the station of the same name, though not actually a shunting yard
  • Tidmouth
    • This shunting yard is located adjacent to Tidmouth Station, at the end of the Main Line.
  • Wellsworth
    • located adjacent to Wellsworth (Edward's Station), this is where some trains are sometimes arranged.

Transfer YardsEdit

The Transfer Yards are another exact place where the standard gauge North Western Railway meets the narrow gauge Skarloey Railway as well as providing as an interchange between both railways.


In both the books and the TV series (as well as the magazines), there are various landmarks across the Island of Sodor.

Callan CastleEdit

Callan Castle (known as "The Scottish Castle" and "Lord Castle's Castle") is a landmark serviced by a halt on the standard gauge branch line, near Black Loch. The halt is a small platform with a stairway leading up a hill to the castle.[72] Lord Callan flies the Scottish flag on occasional days of ceremony.[73]

Black LochEdit

Black Loch is a picturesque lake, located near Callan Castle. The country surrounding it is considerable reminiscence of Scotland, and Donald and Douglas feel at home there. Popular legend states that a monster lives in the lake.[72] An old causeway branches off of the track leading to Lord Callan's Castle, but only light engines and stock can cross it safely.[66][72]

Misty ValleyEdit

Misty Valley is a very misty valley prone to rock falling. Cyril the Fogman works here, putting detonators on the tracks to warn of rockfalls. In "The Fogman" he is replaced by a fog horn, but this was so loud that it caused a large rockfall.

The valley is located further north-east of Callan, towards Callan Castle, on the Misty Valley branch line.

Culdee Fell HillEdit

Culdee Fell Hill is a mountain through which a section of the narrow gauge railway travels.[74]

Dryaw AirfieldEdit

Dryaw Airfield is located adjacent to the nearby forsaken station, on Thomas's Branch Line.

Tiger Moth and the Red Balloon are found here. Harold originally resided here, before relocating to the Sodor Search & Rescue Centre.

Gordon's HillEdit

Gordon's Hill is a steep hill located between Wellsworth station and Maron station. It was named after Gordon got stuck pulling a goods train and Edward had to push from behind. It is a place where a banker engine is often required to help trains up the hill, and Edward frequently filled this roll.[75][76]

Many trains have faced difficulty on the hill since Gordon's original incident.[77][78][79]

Henry's TunnelEdit

Henry the Green Engine once stopped in a tunnel (near Ballahoo) and refused to come out. As it was impossible to move him, The Fat Controller decided to wall him in, and engines would only pass through the parallel tunnel. Henry was eventually removed, and the tunnel was put back in service, as usual.[80][81]

Norramby BeachEdit

Arthur's branch line runs a small distance by Norramby Beach.[82][83]

Rumblin BridgeEdit

Rumblin Bridge is a location served by a station on one of the narrow gauge lines of the Skarloey Railway. A stone bridge visible from the station passes over an adjacent river.[84]

Sodor AirportEdit

Sodor Airport is an airport, located (south of Maron), along the Main Line Loop.

It is where Jeremy the Jet Plane lives.

Sodor Suspension BridgeEdit

The Sodor Suspension Bridge carrys The Main Line across the valley of a stream below. It is located in-between Crosby and Wellsworth. It crosses over the River Reagh.

The ViaductEdit

The Viaduct (a.k.a., "Cronk Viaduct", or perhaps "Maron Viaduct") is a railway structure, located between Maron and Cronk on The Main Line.

It spans the valley of the Hawin Ab below, carrying The Main Line across en route.

The WatermillEdit

The Watermill is an Architectural Structure, Located within the Agricultural Countryside (North of Elsbridge, on Thomas's Branch Line), here a stream flows by, via the wooden wheel-structure to a nearby adjacent lake below the adjacent railway bridge.

Town SquareEdit

The Town Square (aka, Tidmouth Town Square) is where the Town Hall of the town of Tidmouth is located. The station (serving the square) is located North of Tidmouth Station itself, and is also located on both The Loop Line and Duck's Branch Line, respectively.

It is also located towards the Junction, where Duck's Branch Line breaches of towards Harwick, (via Haultrough, Bluff's Cove and Arlesburgh), whilst The Loop Line heads North-Eastwards, via Callandale and Elsbridge towards Crosby Junction (Just East of the forsaken Station, itself).

There is also a library located at the Town Hall.

Ulfstead CastleEdit

Ulfstead Castle is home to Sir Robert Norramby, Earl of Sodor.

Sir Robert Norramby returned to Sodor to restore the Castle and grounds.

The Estate Railway

This dual-gauge railway is centered within the castle and its forsaken grounds in-between.

Stephen, Glynn and Millie work on this railway.

The Dinosaur Park

In Season 18, Sir Robert Norramby opened a Dinosaur Park on his estate.

It has models of four dinosaurs and a model of a Volcano. The Estate Railway carries tourists around and through this park.

The Railway Museum

As mentioned in Season 20, a railway museum will be opened.

Vicarstown Rolling BridgeEdit

The Vicarstown Bridge is the exact railway bridge that connects Sodor to The Mainland.

It is a draw bridge structure, (spanning the Walney Channel) lifting upwards, allowing boats to pass under it.

Railway LinesEdit

There are various railway lines criss crossing the Island of Sodor.

Arlesdale RailwayEdit

The Arlesdale Railway (sometimes known as the Miniature Railway or the Small Railway) is a 15"-gauge railway, which runs from Arlesburgh Junction (on Duck's branch line) to the village of Arlesdale, and back.

Rex, Bert and Mike (the main fixtures) run this popular 15"-gauge railway, doing daily jobs such as, binging ballast from the granite mine for positioning under tracks, wool for fresh new clothing and hauling passenger-carrying coaches too.

The Arlesdale Railway also runs a line through Arlesburgh Harbour via standard gauge metals in-between.

This was once part of Duke's Old Railway (which closed in 1947), from which the Arlesdale Railway now runs and occupies part of this historic line (via Marthwaite).

It is also the Sudrian counterpart of the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, located in Cumbria.

Arthur's Branch LineEdit

Arthur's Branch Line is the exact branch line, which runs from both towns of Crovan's Gate and Vicarstown, (via Ballahoo, midway) to the seaside resort of Norramby.

It is run by Arthur, who enjoys this job, as the line runs pass the fishing village, (where the smell of fish is everywhere) en route to Norramby "and back".

Bluebell branch lineEdit

The Bluebell Branch Line (generally known as Stepney's Branch Line) is located in a small, slightly isolated part of Sodor known for its bluebells and blossoms. Both standard and narrow gauge lines make up the railway, but few engines would work there at other times. Rusty once resolved to find a steam engine who could run the line regularly, and traveled to The Other Railway where he found Stepney, derelict in a siding.

Stepney enjoyed being put back to work, but was disappointed that his line was then short and had no trucks. As such, he sometimes has occasionally arranged visits to The Fat Controller's Railway - the North Western.

In the books, Stepney came from the real Bluebell Railway: a heritage railway in South-East England. Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine was written to promote this railway and the heritage railway preservation movement.

In later non-CGI episodes, a standard gauge line is seen running besides the narrow gauge tracks. It is likely that this is what became of the Bluebell Branch Line, however Stepney is absent.

It is indeed a Sudrian counterpart of the Bluebell Railway.

Edward's Branch LineEdit

Edward's branch line runs along the peninsula of the island, from Wellsworth (on The Main Line) to the town of Brendam, via the Sudrian Capital of Suddery in-between.

It is successfully run by Edward, with helpful assistances from BoCo and a few other engines (especially Donald & Douglas, whom help run the line from time to time) too.

The line also passes the Local Vicarage Orchard (where Trevor the Traction Engine resides), Crock's Scrap Yard (where Reg is stationed), The Sodor Animal Park and beyond the Docks (where Porter, Salty and Cranky are stationed) to the China Clay Pits (where Bill and Ben, along with Timothy and Marion usually work, whom also co-run the line).

Estate RailwayEdit

The Estate Railway is a dual gauge tourism railway owned by Sir Robert Norramby on his Estate up at Ulfstead Castle.

Stephen, Glynn, and Millie (the main fixtures) work on this railway.

Misty Valley branch lineEdit

Breaching off near Kirk Machan on the Peel Godred branch line, the Misty Valley branch line passes the town of Callan before descending through the land of the same name to Callan Castle.

There is also a loop, from which it passes Black Loch, located near the Castle.

Peel Godred branch lineEdit

The Peel Godred branch line is a fellow railway line, that breaches off at Killdane Junction (on the Main Line) and heading northwards to the town of Peel.

Along the way, it passes through (as well as calling at) Abbey, Hawin Lake and Kirk Machan, as well as two junctions in-between, one breaching of to the Blue Mountain Quarry, the other bound for the town of Callan (east of the town of Peel), as well as for Callan Castle and for Black Loch too.

Skarloey RailwayEdit

The Skarloey Railway is a Narrow Gauge Railway, running from Crovan's Gate (where it interchanges with the NWR) to the villages of Rheneas and Skarloey, passing through and via Glennock along the way.

The narrow gauge railway also runs a line to the Sodor Steamworks, as well another to the Blue Mountain Quarry.

It is also, the Sudrian counterpart of the Talyllyn Railway in Wales.

The Kirk Ronan branch lineEdit

The Kirk Ronan branch line (built by the Sodor & Mainland Railway) runs from the adjacent junction (located west of Kellsthorpe Road, along The Main Line), heading south-west away from The Main Line down towards the town of Kirk Ronan, via Rolf's Castle.

The actual station at the opposite end of this historic branch line, only appeared in Season 5 of the TV series.

The Little WesternEdit

The Little Western (Generally known as, Duck's Branch Line), is a coastal branch line, which runs up and along the west coast of the island, from Tidmouth (along & beside adjacent sandy beaches close-by) to Harwick, (via Haultrough, Bluff's Cove and Arlesburgh).

The line originally had intended to reach the holiday town of Harwick, but once it reached the seaside town of Arlesburgh, the extension stopped (owing to the lack of funding) until the coastal branch line's resurrection, including the events of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

Duck, Oliver, Donald & Douglas (the main fixtures) run the Little Western, along with Ryan, (who mostly on the branch line extension to Harwick), along with Daisy (whom usually worked on Thomas's Branch Line).

The Harwick extension of the "Little Western" is in-fact the newest of the whole North Western Railway, which was built during the events of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. The extension starts at the seaside town of Arlesburgh and runs all the way up the coast to the Holiday Town of Harwick itself.

Ryan and Daisy (also the main fixtures) mostly run this new-built extension of the Little Western.

The Loop LineEdit

The Loop Line is a railway line, that runs from Crosby Junction, (east of the forsaken station), to the town of Tidmouth, via Elsbridge (where it meets Thomas's Branch Line) and through Callandale, in-between.

Many railway engines have worked along this line, its name comes from the fact, that some trains run round back to whichever side of the line quite circularly.

The Main LineEdit

The Main Line runs through most of southern Sodor, from Barrow (on the Mainland), across the Walney Channel, "via the Vicarstown Bridge" and onto the Island of Sodor, where the rest of the journey continuously resumes onwards until finally reaching Tidmouth (on the west coast of the island).

Along the way, The Main Line passes through and serves various towns and villages in-between, by the names of Crovan's Gate, Kellsthorpe, Killdane, Cronk, Maron, Wellsworth, Crosby and Knapford en route, before arriving at Tidmouth.

Thomas's Branch LineEdit

Thomas's Branch Line runs from the town of Knapford (on The Main Line), up the valley to Ffarquhar, via Elsbridge (where it meets The Loop Line, in-between).

Along the way, it calls and passes through the local villages of Dryaw, Toryreck, Elsbridge, Maithwaite and Hackenbeck respectively, before reaching the top station at Ffarquhar. However, it continues through and beyond the town to Anopha Quarry, where Mavis works.

Thomas (whom was given charge of this picturesque line, for helpfully aiding James of his accident), runs this line, as he considers it the most important part of the whole of the North Western Railway.

Percy, Toby, Daisy, Mavis and some other engines have also worked along this branch line.

Ulfstead branch lineEdit

The Ulfstead branch line crosses of at a junction (just west of Maron, on The Main Line), through some woods, pass the Summerhouse and uphill to Ulfstead Castle, this line surprisingly heads near, though not actually too close to the town of Ulfstead.

Misty Island RailwayEdit

The Misty Island Railway is a logging railway located on Misty Island. It is run by the Logging Locos - Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

Old Narrow Gauge RailwaysEdit

There was at least one railway before the existence of the present narrow gauge railway. This one was called the Mid-Sodor Railway and was worked by Duke, Falcon, and Stuart. After many years, it closed down (due to hard times and bankruptcy) in 1947, and Falcon and Stuart were bought by the Skarloey Railway and were renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam, respectively.

No one would come for Duke until over 20 years later, and his old line was so overgrown that one of the men searching for him fell through the shed's roof without even knowing it was there.

There were also some other narrow gauge engines on the MSR, it is unknown whatever became of these narrow gauge engines since the MSR's closure.

Another railway connected with the standard gauge railway at an old mine. The Fat Controller became interested in restoring it after seeing it on a map that his grandchildren discovered. Legend held that an "Old Warrior Engine" would light his fire at night and go hunting. "Old Warrior" turned out to be a little old tank engine called Bertram, who was put into use when a park was set up at the site.[85]

This long-abandoned little railway was located further North of Tidmouth, closer towards Arlesdale and also towards the West Coast of the Island, where Duck's Branch Line - The Little Western runs.

On-Shed (Train Accommodation)Edit

This lists some of the allocating engine shed accommodation, as located along the North Western Railway.

Tidmouth ShedsEdit

Tidmouth Sheds are the home of Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and Emily

Other engines such as, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Donald & Douglas, along with Arthur, Spencer, Stanley, Flynn and many others have known to have stayed at these engine sheds from time to time. In Season 21 James crashed into the back of the sheds and this made changes to the Steam Team. Edward Was Re-Located to Wellsworth Sheds and Henry left to live in another shed with Toby.

Arlesburgh Yard ShedEdit

Arlesburgh Yard Shed is an engine shed located on the west coast of Sodor

it was introduced during the Harwick branch line's construction, and is the location of Ryan and Daisy, both of whom run the Harwick extension of the Little Western.

Dieselworks RoundhouseEdit

At the Vicarstown Dieselworks, there's the 5-berth diesel shed, mostly accommodating some of the diesel engines on the fat controller's railway.

Vicarstown ShedsEdit

Vicarstown Sheds where the one-time accommodation (until the NWR headquarters relocated to Tidmouth) of the other engines.

They only appeared in the show's very first season, it's currently unknown whatever became of them, since the NWR Headquarters relocation to Tidmouth

Wellsworth Shed(s)Edit

Wellsworth Sheds consists of a s a two berth shed, located adjacent to Wellsworth Station.

The engine shed was introduced in Season 21, and it is where Edward and Philip temporarily sleep.

Stations, Halts and JunctionsEdit

This is the list of each and every line of the North Western Railway, as well as the "Narrow Gauge" Skarloey, "15-inch Gauge" Arlesdale and also the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway.

Together, this listing includes the names of stations, the halts, the junctions and local business trades, co-serving every town and local village across the Island of Sodor, including its connection on (and to) The Mainland (UK)

Duck's Branch Line - (The Little Western)Edit

  • Tidmouth
  • Town Square
  • Tidmouth Hault
  • Haultrough
  • Bluff's Cove
  • Arlesburgh West
  • Arlesburgh Harbour
  • Harwick

Edward's Branch LineEdit

  • Wellsworth
  • Suddery
  • Lower Suddery
  • Sodor Animal Park (aka, Sodor Wildlife Centre)
  • Island Record's Office
  • Upper Brendam
  • Brendam (for nearby, Brendam Docks)

Kirk Ronan Branch LineEdit

  • Kellsthorpe Road
  • Rolf's Castle
  • Kirk Ronan

The Main LineEdit

  • Tidmouth
  • Lower Tidmouth
  • Knapford
  • Sodor Dairy
  • Crosby
  • Wellsworth
  • Maron
  • Cronk
  • Killdane
  • Balladrine
  • Kellaby
  • Whispering Woods Halt
  • Kellsthorpe Road
  • Crovan's Gate
  • Vicarstown
  • Barrow-in-Furness (on the Mainland)

The Main Line LoopEdit

  • Maron
  • Sodor Airport
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Centre
  • Killaban
  • Cabalnoo

Thomas's Branch LineEdit

  • Knapford
  • Dryaw
  • Toryreck
  • McColl Farm
  • Sports Field Halt
  • Elsbridge
  • Trotter Farm
  • Maithwaite
  • Finney Farm
  • Hackenebeck
  • Ffarquhar
  • Anopha Quarry (aka, Ffarquhar Quarry)

Ulfstead Branch LineEdit

  • Maron
  • Maron FC
  • Boxford
  • Ulfstead Castle

Norramby Branch LineEdit

  • Transfer Yards
  • The Wharf
  • Ballahoo
  • The Fishing Village
  • Norramby Church Station
  • Norramby Seaside Station

Peel Godred Branch LineEdit

  • Killdane
  • Abbey
  • Hawin Lake
  • Kirk Machan
  • Peel Godred

Misty Valley Branch LineEdit

  • Kirk Machan
  • Callan
  • Callan Castle (aka, The Scottish Castle)

Toby's Branch LineEdit

  • Bluff's Cove
  • Tidmouth Bay
  • Bertram's Mine
  • Lower Arlesburgh
  • Arlesdale End
  • Ulfstead

Quarry Branch LineEdit

  • Sodor Slate Quarry
  • Blue Mountain Quarry

Killdane Branch LineEdit

  • Brickworks/Warehouses
  • A Fuel Depot
  • Arlesdale Ballast Granite & Gravel Company (a.k.a. The Sodor Ballast, Granite & Gravel Company)
  • Smelter's Yard (a.k.a. The Sodor Steelworks and Ironworks)

The Loop LineEdit

  • Tidmouth
  • Callandale
  • Elsbridge
  • Crosby

Skarloey RailwayEdit

  • Crovan's Gate
  • Cross-ny-Curin
  • The Depot
  • Bluebell Valley
  • Glennock
  • Rheneas
  • Lakeside
  • Skarloey
  • Tea Room
  • Mountain Village
  • Strawberry Grove
  • Rumblin Bridge
  • Elephant Park
  • Ulfstead Castle
  • Middle

Arlesdale RailwayEdit

  • Arlesburgh West
  • Arlesburgh Bridge Street
  • Ffarquhar Road
  • Marthwaite
  • Arlesdale Green
  • Arlesdale

Culdee Fell RailwayEdit

  • Kirk Machan
  • Shiloh
  • Skarloey Road
  • Devil's Back
  • Culdee Fell Summit

The Culdee Fell railway is located on sodor, and is most popular for its engines, and the fact that they have 2 faces. Culdee, one of the trains on the line, is named after the mountain. Its theorized that the trains can talk at different times through the different faces.

The Mainland (a.k.a. Great Britain)Edit

The Mainland is where some certain railway engines are said to have come from. Whilst in the books (as well as the television series, and in various magazines), The Mainland of Sodor is in-fact the United Kingdom of Great Britain, also home to the modernizing and diesel-run Other Railway, which criss-crosses to and fro across England, Scotland and Wales, much further afield.

The Television Series often suggests that a few steam engines, such as Charlie, Spencer and Samson still worked there, and the threat of diesels (and electrics) taking over is rarely mentioned.

However, since the 17th Season (as well as King of the Railway), Connor and Caitlin work on The Mainland (presumably most likely closer to Barrow), and regularly visit Sodor, as do Spencer (who also visits Sodor), Hiro (Modified to work along the Other Railway's Cumbrian Coast Line, only), Gator, Samson, Flying Scotsman, Merlin, Theo, Lexi, Hurricane and Frankie.


Barrow-in-Furness (a.k.a. Barrow, for short) is a town, served by a railway station, located on the Cumbrian Coast of the Mainland. It is the starting point of The Main Line to Tidmouth on the Island of Sodor. It was mentioned in season 19, in the episode, Reds vs Blues.

Bridlington is a seaside town, located on the Yorkshire Coast of the Mainland.

A large shunting yard is (or was) located here in a fictional part of the seaside town, and it is where The Great Railway Show took place (as seen in "The Great Race"). Bridlington Goods Yard later appeared in "Journey Beyond Sodor".

Five Red Diesel Shunters (one of whom, is named "Ulli") work here. These diesel shunter-engines were seen helpfully shunting and arranging trucks for the foreign railway engine contestants during the Great Railway Show.

There was in-fact an adjacent shunting yard at the real-life railway station in Bridlington itself. This shunting yard has since closed, with Bridlington station still open, located on the Yorkshire Coast Line.

Brighton is a seaside town, located on the southern coast of the Mainland.

It was where Thomas originally worked, before arriving on the Island of Sodor, it was mentioned in The Adventure Begins.

The Other RailwayEdit

The Other Railway is located on the Mainland, (as well as on a faraway part of Sodor, where only diesels work). Steam engines on this railway are either in hiding[86] or awaiting scrap.[87]

In the books, "The Other Railway" is often referred to as British Rail, but in the Television Series it was suggested as a railway on Sodor itself, In-fact, it is however located on The Mainland (Great Britain), (via the Vicarstown Bridge) whom it connects to the Island of Sodor.

The Steelworks is a faraway place of industry, located in a distant heartland of the Mainland, most likely towards Bridlington.

It is the workplace of Hurricane and Frankie (whom live and work here) along with Merlin, Theo and Lexi.


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