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The feudal barony of Plympton (or Honour of Plympton) was a large feudal barony in the county of Devon, England, whose caput was Plympton Castle and manor,[1] Plympton. It was one of eight feudal baronies in Devonshire which existed during the medieval era.[2] It included the so-called Honour of Christchurch in Hampshire (now in Dorset), which was not however technically a barony.[3] The de Redvers family, first holders of the barony, were also Lords of the Isle of Wight, which lordship was not inherited by the Courtenays, as was the barony of Plympton, as it had been sold to the king by the last in the line Isabel de Redvers, 8th Countess of Devon (1237–1293).

Plympton Castle, the motte with parts of ruined walls of the keep on top


Domesday Book originsEdit

Many of the lands which later formed the feudal barony of Plympton were formerly held by two Devon Domesday Book tenants-in-chief of King William the Conqueror (1066–1087):


The descent of the feudal barony of Plympton was as follows:

de RedversEdit

The arms of de Redvers: Or, a lion rampant azure


Arms of Courtenay, from about 1200: Or, three torteaux

List of constituent manorsEdit

The barony comprised originally the following manors held in-chief per baroniam:

No. of knight's fees 4 Edw II Name of Fee in Domesday Name of Tenant in Domesday* current or last known name
1 fee, 100s Aveton Roald Dubbed Aveton Gifford
1/2 fee, 50s Lobe Roald Dubbed Lobb & North Lobb, Braunton
1 fee, 100s Podiford Roald Dubbed West Putford
1/2 fee, 50s Wenford Roald Dubbed Wonford in Thornbury, Black Torrington
Merland Roald Dubbed Peters Marland
1/4 fee, 25s Sigeford Roald Dubbed Sigford in Ilsington
[part of] Peeke or Tamerlande* Roald Dubbed Northcott
Plympton William of Poilley Radford next to Goosewell
1 fee, 100s Witcerce Roald Dubbed Whitchurch
1 fee, 100s Lanbretone Roald Dubbed Lamerton
3/4 fee, 75s Chempbere Roald Dubbed East & West Kimber in Northlew
1/4 fee, 25s Radecliua Roald Dubbed Great Rutleigh
1 fee, 100s Were Roald Dubbed Weare Giffard
1/12 fee, 8s 4d Polham Roald Dubbed Pulham
1 fee, 100s Colecome Robert of Aumale Collacombe
Weslege Robert of Aumale Westleigh
3 1/2 fees, 350s Stoghes Robert of Aumale Stoke, Plymouth
1 fee, 100s odelea Robert of Aumale Woodleigh
1 fee, 100s Beuleie Robert of Aumale Beenleigh
1 fee, 100s Flutes Robert of Aumale Fleet
1/6 fee, 16s 8d Witewei Baldwin FitzGilbert Whiteway, Kingsteignton
1/2 fee, 50s Elforde Robert Bastard Efford
1/2 fee, 50s Gosewelle William of Poilley Goosewell
1/4 fee, 25s Haroldesore William of Poilley Hazard
1/4 fee, 25s Cumbe Robert the Bastard Combe Royal
1/4 fee, 25s Blacheurde Robert the Bastard Blackford in Cornwood or Blatchworthy in Stoodleigh
1/4 fee, 25s Robert the Bastard Lovaton
1/4 fee, 25s Bicheford Robert Bastard Bickford
1/4 fee, 25s Bachestane Robert Bastard [West & East] Backstone
1 fee, 100s / 1 fee, 100s Ilestintona Ralph Pagan Ilsington / Ingston (near Haytor Rocks)
1 fee, 100s Ascerewelle William of Poilley Shirwell
1 fee, 100s Essestone Emma of Hellean Higher Ashton
1/2 fee, 50s Hacheurde Emma of Hellean Hakeworthy in Tedburn St Mary
1/6 fee, 16s 8d Emma of Hellean Hilion's Mill & Hilions Barton, Sandford
1/2 fee, 50s Leuge Godbold the Bowman Doddiscombsleigh
1/2 fee, 50s Lewendone Godbold the Bowman Lowton
1 fee, 100s Brigeford Godbold the Bowman Brushford
1/2 fee, 50s Molecote Godbold the Bowman Mullacott
1/2 fee, 50s Burne Godbold the Bowman Burn, Silverton (part of Tarrant Rushton hamlet)
1/4 fee, 25s Helescaue Godbold the Bowman Hele Barton
1/2 fee, 50s Cliforda / Halestou Godbold the Bowman Clifford (or East Clifford)
Carme Godbold the Bowman North & South Quarm in Somerset
1/2 fee, 50s Stoches Nicholas the Bowman Stokeinteignhead
1 fee, 100s Grennelize Nicholas the Bowman Greenslinch in Silverton
1 fee, 100s Rachun Nicholas the Bowman Middle Rocombe
1 fee, 100s Bochelande Nicholas the Bowman Challermoor? / Buckland-in-the-Moor
1 fee, 100s Bagetore Nicholas the Bowman Bagtor
1/2 fee, 50s Woguwel Nicholas the Bowman Church Ogwell in East Ogwell
1/2 fee, 50s Estapeleia Nicholas the Bowman Staplehill, Teignbridge
1/2 fee, 50s Holebeme Nicholas the Bowman Hobbin in East Ogwell
1/2 fee, 50s clist Osbern of Sacey Clyst Gerred
1/2 fee, 50s Begeurde William of Poilley Beaworthy
1 fee, 100s Baldwin FitzGilbert Friars Hele
1 fee, 100s Yudeford Nicholas the Bowman Ideford
Fulcher the Bowman
2/3 fee, 66s Esselingeforda Fulcher the Bowman Shillingford St George
Ferentone Fulcher the Bowman Farringdon, Buddleigh
1/2 fee, 50s Colum Fulcher the Bowman Columbjohn
1 fee, 100s Sandford William of Poilley Sampford Spiney
Tauetone William the Conqueror North Tawton
1 fee, 100s Pontimore Halmaic of Arcis Poltimore
1/2 fee, 50s / 1/4 fee, 25s Baverdone / Torintone King William / Baldwin the Sheriff / King William Beaford
1/2 fee, 50s Bradestone William the Conqueror Bradstone
1/5 fee, 20s Nochecote Gerard Nitchacott, Tiverton
1/4 fee, 25s / 1/6 fee, 16s 8d Levelege Godbold the Bowman / Leofric Lowley
1/2 fee, 50s Cadebirie William of Poilley Cadbury
[portion of] 1 fee, 100s Ulfaldeshodes William of Poilley Woolfardisworthy
[portion of] 1 fee, 100s Blachegrave William of Poilley / Judhael of Totnes Blagrove
1/2 fee, 50s Trule Ralph Paynel Throwleigh
1 fee, 100s Roald Dubbed Luffincott
Hanemardun Roald Dubbed Hemerdon
Docheorde Roald Dubbed (Little & West) Dockworthy (& Dockworthy Cross)
1/2 fee, 50s Plumtrei Odo son of Gamelin Plymtree
1/5 fee, 20s Lege William of Poilley Challonsleigh
1 fee, 100s Brige Roald Dubbed Bridgerule
Robert Bastard Plympton
1/3 fee, 33s 4d Ermentone King William Ermington
1 fee, 100s Teweberie Robert of Aumale Thuborough
1/4 fee, 25s Lanforda Osbern of Sacey Little Lamford in Cheriton Bishop
2 fees, 200s Stokenham
1/2 + 1/10 fee, 60s William the Conqueror Witheridge
1/4 fee, 25s Judhel of Totnes
3/4 fee, 75s Judhel of Totnes Compton
1/2 fee, 50s Gildescote Robert of Aumale Gidcott
3/4 fee, 75s Wiche Robert of Aumale [Cookbury] Wick
2 fees, 200s Roald Dubbed Twigbear
1 1/2 fees, 150s Whitefelle Robert of Aumale Whitefield near Bittadon (in Marwood)
1 fee, 100s Godelege Robert of Aumale Goodleigh
1/4 fee, 25s Estocha William of Poilley Stoke Rivers
1/5 fee, 20s Derte William of Poilley Dart Raffe
1/2 fee, 50s Worth William of Poilley Worth in Washfield
Derte William of Poilley Dart (in Cadeleigh)
Bovelie William of Poilley Bowley in Cadbury
Cressewalde Ralph Paynel Kerswell in Broadhembury
Godbold the Bowman Whiteheathfield in Cullompton
Codeford Odo son Edwin of Butterleigh Coddiford
Clist Odo son Edwin of Butterleigh Clyst William in Plymtree
Topeshant William the Conqueror Topsham
Crochewella Roald Dubbed Crockernwell
Seluestan Osbern of Sacey Shilstone in Drewsteignton
Cageffort Ralph Paynel Wonston with Morchington in Throwleigh
Witestani William de Ow Whitstone
Dunesford Sæwulf Sowton or Little Dunsford in Dunsford
Dunsedoc Ralph Paynel Dunchideock
Leualiga King's military thane (Godbold or Godebold the Bowman) Lowly in Doddiscombsleigh
Assecote William of Poilley Assecote [?]
Forhode William of Poilley Farwood Barton (in Talaton?)
Bichelie William of Poilley Bickleigh
Bichecome Robert of Aumale Bickham Barton near Bickham Moor
Merehode Robert of Aumale Marwood
Mideltone Robert of Aumale Milton Damerel
Odetreu Robert of Aumale Ottery
Oladone Baldwin FitzGilbert Woollaton

*Domesday tenants identified in Testa de Nevil[18][19]

The following fees originally held by Alfred the Breton may have also been part of the Honour[20]

No. of knight's fees 4 Edw II Name of Fee in Domesday Name of Tenant in Domesday current name
1 fee, 100s Morlei Alfred the Breton Moreleigh
1 fee, 100s Bacheleford Alfred the Breton Battleford in Ipplepen
1 fee, 100s Lege Alfred the Breton Grimpstonleigh in Moreleigh
1 fee, 100s Grismetone Alfred the Breton Grimstone in Blackawton
1 fee, 100s Tambretone Alfred the Breton Tamerton Foliot
1 fee, 100s Tawi Alfred the Breton Peter Tavy
1/2 fee, 50s Blachestane Alfred the Breton Blaxton
1 fee, 100s Mideltone Alfred the Breton Horsewell / South Milton
1/2 fee, 50s Sprei Alfred the Breton Sprytown aka Spry in Stowford
1 fee, 100s Esseberie Alfred the Breton Ashbury
1 fee, 100s Wifleurde Alfred the Breton Willsworthy in Peter Tavy
1 fee, 100s Bucheside Alfred the Breton Budockshed
Corneurde Alfred the Breton Curworthy farm in Shirwell
1 fee, 100s Genelie Alfred the Breton Ingleigh (Green) in Broadwoodkelly
1 fee, 100s Ulgeberge Alfred the Breton Ugborough
Alfred the Breton Redway in Rewe


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