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Büyükada quay, Prince Islands, Sea of Marmara
Anadolukavağı quay, Bosphorus, Anatolian side
Bostancı quay, Sea of Marmara
Kadıköy old quay, Sea of Marmara
Kanlıca quay, Bosphorus, Anatolian side
Sütlüce quay, Golden Horn, east side

There are 50 passenger ferry quays in İstanbul, of which 37 are in active service in Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara.[1] As of the 2017 Summer season, the ferry quays are served at 600 voyages daily by 28 traditional passenger ferry boats on 17 lines operated by the Şehir Hatları ("City Lines") company.[2]

Following is the list of active ferry quays:

Name of the quay Location
Anadoluhisarı Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Anadolukavağı Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Arnavutköy Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Ayvansaray Golden Horn (West side)
Balat Golden Horn (West side)
Bebek Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Beşiktaş Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Beylerbeyi Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Beykoz Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Bostancı Anatolia
Burgazada Adalar (Prince Islands)
Büyükada Adalar (Prince Islands)
Çengelköy Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Çubuklu Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Eminönü Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Emirgan Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Eyüp Golden Horn (West side)
Fener Golden horn (West side)
Hasköy Golden horn (East side)
Heybeliada Adalar (Prince Islands)
İstinye Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Kadıköy Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Kandilli Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Kanlıca Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Karaköy Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Kasımpaşa Golden horn (East side)
Kınalıada Adalar (Prince Islands)
Kuzguncuk Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Küçüksu Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Ortaköy Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Paşabahçe Bosphoros (Anatolian side)
Poyraz Bosphorus (Anatolian side)
Rumelikavağı Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Sarıyer Bosphorous (Rumeli side)
Sedefadası Adalar (Prince Islands)
Sütlüce Golden horn (East side)
Üsküdar Bosphoros (Anatolian side)

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