Fernando de Aragón, 1st Duke of Montalto

Fernando de Aragón y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto (before 1494–1542) was the eldest bastard son of king Ferdinand I of Naples and Diana Guardato, one of his mistresses.

Fernando de Aragón, first Duke of Montalto

The addition "Montalto de Aragón" is in remembrance of his grandfather, Alfonso V of Aragon.

Marriages and issueEdit

Fernando was the ninth child of Ferdinand I of Naples. He first married Anna Sanseverino. The marriage was without issue.

He then married, Castellana de Cardona, and had the following:

Full siblings of Fernando de Aragón y Guardato, 1st Duke of MontaltoEdit

  1. Maria d'Aragona y Guardato, (*1440 - +1460/61); married, 1458 Antonio Todeschini-Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, deceased 1493, nephew of Pope Pius II, a.k.a. Enea Silvio Piccolomini,(Corsignano, 1405 - Pope 1458 - Ancona, Italy, 1464).
  2. Giovanna d'Aragona y Guardato, (*Naples, 1455 - +Rome, 1501) ; she married in 1472 Lionardo della Rovere, Duke of Sora (*1445 - +1475)



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