Fernando Afonso of Portugal

Fernando Afonso (1135–1207), was Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller between 1202-1206. He was the oldest son of Afonso Henriques, the first king of the Kingdom of Portugal, though would never inherit the crown as he was born out of wedlock.[1]

Fernando Afonso of Portugal
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FamilyPedro Afonso, mestre de Avis Edit this on Wikidata
Portrait of Afonso de Portugal as Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller, in the Church of Saint Blaise and Saint Lucy, Lisbon.


Fernando Afonso was for a short period of time alferes-mor of the Kingdom of Portugal. He then proceeded to join the Knights Templar, followed later on by the Knights Hospitaller. He became Master of the Knights Hospitaller in the Iberian Peninsula in 1198, and then became Grand Master of the Order in 1202. A few years later he renounced his position as Grand Master and returned to Portugal.[2]

He took part in the Fourth Crusade.


His remains were buried in Santarém, at the Church of São João de Alporão.


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