Fencing at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's masters foil

The foil event for professionals involved 61 fencers from 7 nations.[1] It was held from 22 to 29 May. The event as won by Lucien Mérignac, as France swept the top three places. Alphonse Kirchhoffer and Jean-Baptiste Mimiague were second and third, respectively.

Men's masters foil
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Lucien Mérignac, champion olympique de fleuret individuel maitre d'armes en 1900.jpg
Lucien Mérignac
VenueTuileries Garden
Date22–29 May
Competitors61 from 7 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Lucien Mérignac
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Alphonse Kirchhoffer
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Jean-Baptiste Mimiague
← 1896


This was the second and final appearance of the event. Fencing masters were an exception to the amateurs-only nature of the early Olympics. Masters fencing was held as an Olympic event in 1896 (men's foil only) and 1900 (all three weapons for men, as well as a special event in épée that pitted the top professionals against the top amateurs). By 1904, only amateur events were conducted.[2]

Competition formatEdit

The event used a five-round format (four main rounds and a repechage). For the first three rounds (round 1, quarterfinals, repechage) the round consisted of the fencers being paired and fighting a single bout; jury evaluations of skill rather than the match results were used to determine advancement. The last two rounds (semifinals and finals) used round-robin pool play with actual results counting toward placement. Standard foil rules were used, including that touches had to be made with the tip of the foil, the target area was limited to the torso, and priority determined the winner of double touches.[2]

  • Round 1: The 61 fencers paired off and faced a single opponent in one bout. The jury selected 45 fencers to advance to the quarterfinals.
  • Quarterfinals: The 45 fencers were paired off again. The jury selected 10 fencers for the semifinals. All the rest went to the repchage.
  • Repechage: The 35 fencers were paired. The jury selected 6 of them to advance.
  • Semifinals: The 16 fencers from the quarterfinals and repechage were divided into two pools of 8 fencers each. Each pool played a round robin. The top four fencers in each semifinal pool advanced to the final, while the bottom four fencers went to a classification 9–16 final.
  • Finals: There was a main final (top 4 from each semifinal) and a classification 9–16 final (bottom 4 from each semifinal). Each was conducted as a round-robin.


Date Time Round
Tuesday, 22 May 1900 Round 1
Wednesday, 23 May 1900 Round 1 continued
Thursday, 24 May 1900 Quarterfinals
Friday, 25 May 1900 Repechage
Sunday, 27 May 1900 Semifinals
Monday, 28 May 1900 Semifinals continued
Tuesday, 29 May 1900 Finals


Round 1Edit

Held on 22 May and 23 May, the masters foil used jury verdicts on art and skill in the bout rather than winning or losing to advance to the second round.

Fencer Nation Notes
Xavier Anchetti   France Q
Alexandre Bergès   France Q
Michel Bettenfeld   France Q
Bormel   France Q
Jean-Marie Borringes   France Q
Marcel Boulanger   France Q
Jean Boulège   France Q
J. Brassard   France Q
Brau   France Q
Cannesson   France Q
Paul Carrichon   France Q
Antonio Conte   Italy Q
François Delibes   France Q
Dizier   France Q
Michel Filippi   France Q
Joseph Fontaine   France Q
Louis Gauthier   France Q
Louis Haller   France Q
Alphonse Kirchhoffer   France Q
Ludovic Laborderie   France Q
Jules Large   France Q
Lucien Largé   France Q
Georges Lefèvre   France Q
Adjutant Lemoine   France Q
Charles Marty   France Q
Lucien Mérignac   France Q
Joseph-Auguste Métais   France Q
Lucien Millet   France Q
Jean-Baptiste Mimiague   France Q
Marcel Montuel   France Q
Muller   France Q
Henri Pantin   France Q
Léopold Ramus   France Q
René Raynaud   France Q
Jules Ringnet   France Q
Jules Rossignol   France Q
Adolphe Rouleau   France Q
Francis Sabourin   France Q
Pierre Samiac   France Q
Italo Santelli   Italy Q
Pierre Selderslagh   Belgium Q
Ernest Tassart   France Q
Cyrille Verbrugge   Belgium Q
Armand Viguier   France Q
Henri Yvon   France Q
Charles Bersin   France
Jens Peter Berthelsen   Denmark
Émile Bouard   France
François Brun-Buisson   France
Henri Coquelin   France
Louis Coudurier   France
Georges Daussy   France
F. Després   Belgium
Márton Endrédy   Hungary
Louis Garnoty   France
Jolliet   France
Gustave Masselin   France
Pietory   France
Eugène Plisson   Great Britain
Léon Thiércelin   Haiti
Wineuwanheim   France


The second round also used jury verdicts to determine advancement from the second round, held on 24 May. The top 10 fencers received automatic qualification to the semifinals while the rest competed in a repechage.

Fencer Nation Notes
Antonio Conte   Italy Q
Alphonse Kirchhoffer   France Q
Lucien Mérignac   France Q
Jean-Baptiste Mimiague   France Q
Léopold Ramus   France Q
Jules Rossignol   France Q
Adolphe Rouleau   France Q
Italo Santelli   Italy Q
Pierre Selderslagh   Belgium Q
Cyrille Verbrugge   Belgium Q
Xavier Anchetti   France R
Alexandre Bergès   France R
Michel Bettenfeld   France R
Bormel   France R
Jean-Marie Borringes   France R
Marcel Boulanger   France R
Jean Boulège   France R
J. Brassard   France R
Brau   France R
Cannesson   France R
Paul Carrichon   France R
François Delibes   France R
Dizier   France R
Michel Filippi   France R
Joseph Fontaine   France R
Louis Gauthier   France R
Louis Haller   France R
Ludovic Laborderie   France R
Jules Large   France R
Lucien Largé   France R
Georges Lefèvre   France R
Adjutant Lemoine   France R
Charles Marty   France R
Joseph-Auguste Métais   France R
Lucien Millet   France R
Marcel Montuel   France R
Muller   France R
Henri Pantin   France R
René Raynaud   France R
Jules Ringnet   France R
Francis Sabourin   France R
Pierre Samiac   France R
Ernest Tassart   France R
Armand Viguier   France R
Henri Yvon   France R


The repechage on 25 May was also conducted by jury selection following bouts. 6 fencers advanced to the semifinals.

Fencer Nation Notes
Marcel Boulanger   France Q
Michel Filippi   France Q
Louis Haller   France Q
Lefèvre   France Q
Adjutant Lemoine   France Q
Lucien Millet   France Q
Xavier Anchetti   France
Alexandre Bergès   France
Michel Bettenfeld   France
Bormel   France
Jean-Marie Borringes   France
Jean Boulège   France
J. Brassard   France
Brau   France
Cannesson   France
Paul Carrichon   France
François Delibes   France
Dizier   France
Joseph Fontaine   France
Louis Gauthier   France
Ludovic Laborderie   France
Jules Large   France
Lucien Largé   France
Charles Marty   France
Joseph-Auguste Métais   France
Marcel Montuel   France
Muller   France
Henri Pantin   France
René Raynaud   France
Jules Ringnet   France
Francis Sabourin   France
Pierre Samiac   France
Ernest Tassart   France
Armand Viguier   France
Henri Yvon   France


The 16 remaining fencers were divided into two pools of 8. They competed in round-robin tournaments on 27 May and 28 May, with the top four in each pool advancing to the final. The others played in the consolation pool.

Semifinal AEdit

Rank Fencer Nation Wins Losses Notes
1 Lucien Mérignac   France 7 0 Q
2 Alphonse Kirchhoffer   France 6 1 Q
3 Antonio Conte   Italy 5 2 Q
4 Léopold Ramus   France 4 3 Q
5 Louis Haller   France 2 5 C
Adjutant Lemoine   France 2 5 C
7 Lucien Millet   France 1 6 C
Cyrille Verbrugge   Belgium 1 6 C

Semifinal BEdit

Rank Fencer Nation Wins Losses Notes
1 Adolphe Rouleau   France 7 0 Q
2 Jean-Baptiste Mimiague   France 6 1 Q
3 Jules Rossignol   France 5 2 Q
4 Italo Santelli   Italy 4 3 Q
5 Pierre Selderslagh   Belgium 3 4 C
6 Marcel Boulanger   France 1 6 C
Michel Filippi   France 1 6 C
Georges Lefèvre   France 1 6 C


Classification 9–16Edit

The consolation pool was held on 29 May. The bottom four fencers from each of the semifinals competed for 9th through 16th places.

Rank Fencer Nation
9 Louis Haller   France
10 Pierre Selderslagh   Belgium
11 Adjutant Lemoine   France
12 Georges Lefèvre   France
13 Marcel Boulanger   France
14 Lucien Millet   France
15 Cyrille Verbrugge   Belgium
16 Michel Filippi   France


The final was conducted on 29 May. The format was a round-robin among the top 8 fencers. Ties were broken by an extra bout (ignoring the head-to-head results of the fencers during the round-robin).

Rank Fencer Nation Wins Losses
  Lucien Mérignac   France 6 1
  Alphonse Kirchhoffer   France 6 1
  Jean-Baptiste Mimiague   France 4 3
4 Antonio Conte   Italy 4 3
5 Jules Rossignol   France 3 4
6 Léopold Ramus   France 2 5
7 Italo Santelli   Italy 0 7
8 Adolphe Rouleau[3]   France 3 4


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