Italian Athletics Federation

The Italian Athletics Federation (Italian: Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera, FIDAL), is the governing body for athletics in Italy since 1906.

Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera
SportAthletics pictogram.svg Athletics
Founded1906 (1906)
Affiliation date1913
Regional affiliationEuropean Athletics
PresidentStefano Mei
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The Italian Federation has been recognised by World Athletics, originally known as the IAAF, since the Berlin Congress in 1913.


FIDAL assumed its current name in 1926, previously it was as described in the following table.[1]

Date Initials Full name English translation Notes
4 August 1897 UPT Unione Podistica Torinese Turinese Running Union
1 April 1899 UPI Unione Podistica Italiana Italian Running Union
8 October 1909 FISA Federazione Italiana Sports Atletici Italian Athletic Sports Federation [2]
12 December 1926 FIDAL Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera Italian Athletics Federation [3]


Election Assembly President
1926 - 1927 Alberto Buriani
1927 - 1929 Leandro Arpinati
1929 - 1930 Augusto Turati
1930 - 1943 Luigi Ridolfi
1943 Gaetano Simoni
1944 Gaetano Simoni
1944 Virgilio Tommasi
1945 Angelo Vigani
18.2.1946 Assembly of Florence Bruno Zauli
10.3.1957 Assembly of Milan Luigi Ridolfi
31.5.1958 Vice president Gaetano Simoni
22.2.1959 Assembly of Trento Gaetano Simoni
5.3.1961 Assembly of Ischia Giosuè Poli
8.4.1969 Vice president Vittorio Brunori
7.12.1969 Assembly of Rome Primo Nebiolo
8.2.1989 Vice president Adriano Rossi
23.4.1989 Assembly of Florence Gianni Gola
29.11.1992 Assembly of Isernia Gianni Gola
20.11.1994 Assembly of Rome Gianni Gola
17.11.1996 Assembly of Rimini Gianni Gola
8.12.1998 Assembly of Ferrara Gianni Gola
28.1.2001 Assembly of Chianciano Terme Gianni Gola
27.11.2004 Assembly of Chianciano Terme Franco Arese
23.11.2008 Assembly of Turin Franco Arese
2.12.2012 Assembly of Milan Alfio Giomi
31.1.2021 Assembly of Rome Stefano Mei[4]


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