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The Federation of Drama Schools functions to facilitate vocational conservatoire-style drama training in the UK.[1][2] It was formed in June 2017.

Federation of Drama Schools
PredecessorDrama UK
Formation13 June 2017
PurposeProvides conservatoire style vocational drama training
United Kingdom
Sean McNamara


Formal organisations involved with drama training in the UK was first established with the Conference of Drama Schools (CDS) in 1969. This was followed by the National Council for Drama Training in 1976 that was primarily responsible for accrediting courses offered by the Conference of Drama Schools. In July 2012 both national organisations were merged to form a single regulatory body called Drama UK. The Federation of Drama Schools was formed on 13 June 2017 following the abolition of Drama UK the former accreditation body dissolved in 2016 after a period of instability in which several high-profile schools quit the organisation.[3] Unlike its predecessor, the membership body will not provide independent accreditation for schools, but all members commit to adhering to a set of 'guiding hallmarks'.[3]



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