Federal Railroad Police

The Brazilian Federal Railroad Police (US English) or Federal Railway Police (British English) (Portuguese: Polícia Ferroviária Federal) is a police agency founded in 1852 which is responsible for patrols and security on federal railways in Brazil. According to Federal Marshalls, the Federal Railway Police does not have an active work force, its name still remains, even without practical use.[1] As of 2021, a bill is in course to promote the Railway Police and turn its creation effective.[2]

Federal Railroad Police
Polícia Ferroviária Federal
INIDE PFF emblem, the institute currently responsible for the Brazilian Federal Railroad Police
INIDE PFF emblem, the institute currently responsible for the Brazilian Federal Railroad Police
Agency overview
Formed26 June 1852
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agencyBrazil
Operations jurisdictionBrazil
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
  • Railways, tramways, and/or rail transit systems.
Operational structure
HeadquartersBrasília, Brazil
Sworn membersAgency not active



The PFF was created in 1852, by decree of the emperor Dom Pedro II. It was the first police agency in Brazil and was created to protect railroad cargo. There are some proposals in the Brazilian Senate to reactivate this police agency, as it is considered important to national security. With the considerable amount of railway lines in Brazil being privatized in 1996, the function of this agency has become even more limited, leading to their gradual disappearance.

Federal Constitution


The Brazilian Constitution of 1988 brings in its article 144, paragraph 3º, a text where it mentions and it regularizes the presence of this institution: § 3º - the federal railway police, permanent agency, organized and maintained by the Union and structured in career, is intended, in the law format, to the ostensible patrolling of the federal railroads.[3]

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