Federal Ministry of the Treasury

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The Federal Ministry of the Treasury (German: Bundesschatzministerium) was a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany charged with overseeing the economic possessions of the Federal government.

It was founded in 1957 as the Federal Ministry of Federal Patrimony (German: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftlichen Besitz des Bundes) to replace the earlier Ministry for Economic Cooperation

In 1961, under the auspices of minister Hans Lenz, it was renamed Federal Ministry for the Treasury.

In 1969, the ministry was dissolved and its functions transferred to the ministries of Finance and Economics.

List of MinistersEdit

Political Party:   CDU   CSU   FDP

Portrait Party Term of Office Chancellor
Federal Minister for the Federal Patrimony
Hermann Lindrath
  CDU 29 October 1957 27 February 1960 Adenauer (III)
Hans Wilhelmi
  CDU 4 May 1960 14 November 1961
Federal Treasury Minister
Hans Lenz
  FDP 14 November 1961 19 November 1962 Adenauer (IV)
Werner Dollinger
  CSU 13 December 1962 1 December 1966 Adenauer (V)
Erhard (I • II)
Kurt Schmücker
  CDU 1 December 1966 21 October 1969 Kiesinger (I)