Fedele Fischetti

Fedele Fischetti (30 March 1732 – 25 January 1792)[1] was an Italian painter of the Neoclassical period. He was born and died in Naples.

The Holy Family with saint Januarius and saint Anthony of Padua, Glasgow Museums.


Fischetti was mainly active as a fresco painter for palaces and villas in and around the city, including the Royal Palace at Portici.[2] He painted frescoes of the seasons, Summer and Winter, in the conversation rooms of the appartamento vecchio of the Royal Palace of Caserta.[3]

The exact date of his death is not known, but his last dated work is from 1792.

Among his works are listed:[4]

  • Virgin, St Anne, with Saints Carlo and Geronimo in the Chapel of the Assumption in the church of Spirito Santo
  • Three oil canvases in the Chapel of the Verdi in the church of Spirito Santo
  • Virgin of the Rosary with Santa Rosa for the Chapel of the Prince della Roccella in the Church of San Domenico Maggiore
  • Canvases in Santa Caterina da Siena, San Eligio, and Santa Maria in Portico
  • Summer with Ceres and Proserpine, Winter with Boreas Abducting Orithyia and for the Queen's quarters, a Venus; all painted for the Palace of Caserta
  • Ceilings for the Palazzo Francavilla (Palazzo Cellammare), painted alongside Pietro Bardellino and Giacinto Diano

Two of his pupils were Paolo Girgenti and Giuseppe Camerata (born in Sciacca).[5]


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