February 2016 Mogadishu attack

A suicide bomber detonated a truck at a checkpoint outside the Somali Youth League hotel at 7:45pm on 26 February 2016 in Mogadishu, Somalia.[1][2] It was followed by his accomplices clashing with the hotel security guards.[1][3] The police said they ended the attack by killing the four insurgent gunmen.[1] Five militants, including the suicide bomber, as well as 14 civilians were killed.[2] Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.[1][3][2] Sixteen other people were injured.[2]

February 2016 Mogadishu attack
Part of Somali Civil War (2009–present)
LocationMogadishu, Somalia
Date26 February 2016
7:45pm (UTC+03:00)
Attack type
Suicide truck bombing, shooting
WeaponsTruck bomb, guns
Deaths14 (+5 attackers)

Five people were killed in a suicide bombing at the same hotel in January 2015.[2]

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