February 1982 Korean Air Force C-123 accident

On February 5, 1982, a Republic of Korea Air Force Fairchild C-123J crashed while on approach to Jeju International Airport, Jeju, South Korea. All 47 passengers and 6 crew were killed in the impact. It remains the fourth-worst accident in South Korean aviation history.[1] The aircraft was engaged in a training mission and encountered bad weather before crashing near to Mount Halla, a dormant volcano.[2][3]

February 1982 Korean Air Force C-123 accident
C-123K AFRES landing at Pope AFB strip 1979.JPEG
A C-123 Provider similar to the accident aircraft
SummaryControlled flight into terrain due to bad weather
Coordinates: 33°23′30″N 126°32′13″E / 33.3918°N 126.5370°E / 33.3918; 126.5370
Aircraft typeFairchild C-123J
OperatorRepublic of Korea Air Force
DestinationJeju International Airport, Jeju, South Korea

The 47 soldiers belonged to the army's elite 707th Special Mission Battalion, making the accident the single costliest day in the unit's history.[4]


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