Fatal Sky

Fatal Sky (a.k.a. Project Alien[1]) is a 1990 science fiction thriller film. The script was alternately known as No Cause for Alarm, Deadfall and Vanished in its initial preproduction stages. It was an American/ British/ Australian/ Yugoslavian co-production. The movie was not theatrically released and went straight to video.[2][3]

Fatal Sky
Directed byFrank Shields
Written byAnthony Able
Based onstory by Brian Williams
Produced byAntony I. Ginnane
Steven Strick
StarringMichael Nouri
Darlanne Fluegel
Maxwell Caulfield
Derren Nesbitt
Charles Durning
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
88 minutes
United States


Prior to crashing, the pilot of a military plane radios about seeing many lights in the sky. NATO tries to quash the story, but two famous newsmen (George Abbott and Jeff Milker) decide to investigate the story, with the aid of a female pilot named "Bird" McNamara. They discover the area around the crash site is extremely desolate and discover the presence of a mysterious disease. Strange sores begin to appear on members of the local population and the bodies of animals are found mutilated. What is the military covering up?


  • Michael Nouri as Jeff Milker
  • Maxwell Caulfield as George Abbott
  • Darlanne Fluegel as "Bird" McNamara
  • Derrin Nesbitt as Arthur Corbin
  • Charles Durning as Col. Clancey
  • Ray Charleson as Dr. Bannister
  • Sebastian Allen as Beggs
  • Ena Begovic as Mrs. Sumner
  • Janez Vajevec as Mr. Sumner


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