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Farrukh Amonatov (Tajik: Фаррух Амонатов; born 13 April 1978 in Dushanbe)[1] is the only chess grandmaster of Tajikistan. He is also the winner of many international tournaments. Despite living and training in Moscow, Amonatov represents Tajikistan in international tournaments.

Farrukh Amonatov
Country Tajikistan
Born (1978-04-13) 13 April 1978 (age 41)
Dushanbe, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union
FIDE rating2624 (June 2019)
Peak rating2650 (July 2008)

Amonatov was the Asian under-16 champion in 1992.[2] He won the inaugural Moscow Open in 2005.[3] Later that year Amonatov competed in the FIDE World Cup, where he knocked out Michal Krasenkow in the first round and then was eliminated in the second by Magnus Carlsen. In 2007 he qualified for the Superfinal of the Russian Chess Championship and finished 10th. In 2008 Amonatov tied for first place with Anton Filippov and Vitaly Tseshkovsky in the 2nd Georgy Agzamov Memorial in Tashkent, winning the tournament on tiebreak.[4] He took part in the 2009 FIDE World Cup, where he reached the second round, in which he lost to the eventual winner, Boris Gelfand. In 2015 Amonatov tied for 1st–3rd with Rinat Jumabayev and Petr Kostenko at the 4th Central Asia Chess Cup in Almaty, finishing second on tiebreak.[5] The following year, Amonatov won for the second time the Agzamov Memorial (on tiebreak from Rauf Mamedov),[6] and also won the Eurasian Blitz Cup of the President of Kazakhstan, held in Almaty, edging out on tiebreak (number of wins) Ian Nepomniachtchi.[7]


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