Farqad Sabakhi

Farqad Sabakhi (died 729) was an Armenian Islamic preacher and an associate of Hasan al-Basri.[1] He was thus one of the Tabi'een (i.e. of the generation that succeeded the Sahabah). Farqad as-Sabakhi was formerly a Christian. It is noted that Farqad as-Sabakhi may have mentored Maruf Karkhi, who was a pivotal figure in Sufism.[1] As-Sabakhi was known for his ascetic lifestyle and his knowledge of Judeo-Christian scriptures.[2]

Saint Farqad Sabakhi
Preacher, Mystic, Theologian
Bornc. 650-70 C.E.
Diedc. 729/30 C.E.
Venerated inIslam
InfluencesProphets of Islam, Hasan of Basra
InfluencedMaruf Karkhi
Tradition or genre
Ascetic Sufism

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