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Farlington Halt railway station

Farlington Halt railway station is a disused station between Bedhampton and Hilsea on the Portsmouth Direct Line.

Farlington Halt
AreaCity of Portsmouth
Original companyLondon, Brighton and South Coast Railway
Pre-groupingLondon, Brighton and South Coast Railway
Post-groupingSouthern Railway
26 June 1891 (1891-06-26)Station opened
4 July 1937 (1937-07-04)Station closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
The location of the disused Farlington station. (Note: the other disused station: Havant New, labelled here as Denvilles)

The station was originally built to serve Portsmouth Park racecourse, opening as Farlington Race Course on 26 June 1891.[1] On 23 July 1894, it was the scene of an accident when a brake van next to the engine hauling the 6.35pm from Havant derailed and the first two coaches overturned.[2] The guard on the train was killed and seven passengers were injured, one of whom seriously.[2]

The racecourse was closed during World War One, but the station was retained to serve the ammunition dump put in its place.[citation needed] The station closed in 1917.[1] Re-opened in 1922 until 1927,[1] it was used to serve the industrial estate situated that developed in the Railway Triangle[3][4][5][6] (although the industrial park[3][4][5][6] on the triangle[3][4][5][6] was not built until the 80's?![4][6])[citation needed] Under the Southern Railway, it re-opened as a general public halt in 1928 named Farlington Halt;[1] however, this was short-lived as the station closed due to insufficient customers on 4 July 1937.[1] The road next to the old site still retains the name Station Road and a footbridge over the railway to the industrial estate was in use for many years, but is now behind fences. When Eastern Road was built during World War II, piles were driven through the platforms, rendering it unusable thereafter. It can still be seen by passengers in trains, passing through the station.

Future useEdit

According to the long-term plans on the website of Portsmouth City Council, there are plans to build a new Farlington station approximately 500 yards east of the old site near the local Sainsburys and B&M.[7]


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Coordinates: 50°50′17″N 1°02′46″W / 50.8381°N 1.0461°W / 50.8381; -1.0461