Far East Film Festival

Far East Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Udine, Italy. It is one of the most important events promoting Asian Cinema in Europe. It focuses mainly on the films from East Asia.

Far East Film Festival
LocationUdine, Italy

Audience AwardEdit

Year Film Director Country
1999 A Hero Never Dies Johnnie To   Hong Kong
2000 Shower (ex aequo) Zhang Yang   China
2000 My Heart (ex aequo) Bae Chang-ho   South Korea
2001 The Foul King Kim Jee-woon   South Korea
2002 Love Undercover Joe Ma   Hong Kong
2003 Infernal Affairs Andrew Lau & Alan Mak   Hong Kong
2004 The Twilight Samurai Yoji Yamada   Japan
2005 Peacock Gu Changwei   China
2006 Welcome to Dongmakgol Park Kwang-hyun   South Korea
2007 No Mercy for the Rude Park Chul-hee   South Korea
2008 Gachi Boy Norihiro Koizumi   Japan
2009 Departures Yōjirō Takita   Japan
2010 Castaway on the Moon Lee Hey-jun   South Korea
2011 Aftershock Feng Xiaogang   China
2012 Silenced Hwang Dong-hyuk   South Korea
2013 How to Use Guys with Secret Tips Lee Won-suk   South Korea
2014 The Eternal Zero Takashi Yamazaki   Japan
2015 Ode to My Father Yoon Je-kyoon   South Korea
2016 A Melody to Remember Lee Han   South Korea
2017 Close-Knit Naoko Ogigami   Japan
2018 1987: When the Day Comes[1] Jang Joon-hwan   South Korea
2019 Still Human[2] Oliver Chan   Hong Kong
2020 Better Days Derek Tsang   China


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