Faliro (Greek: Φάληρο), also known as Neo Faliro (Greek: Νέο Φάληρο) on signage and maps,[4] is a station on Athens Metro Line 1. It is near the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex (Peace and Friendship Stadium and the Karaiskakis Stadium). The station is also adjacent to a rolling stock depot.

Νέο Φάληρο
Neo Faliro
Γήπεδο Καραϊσκάκη
Gipedo Karaiskaki
Στάδιο Ειρήνης & Φιλίας
Stadio Irinis & Filias
Metro station platforms
General information
Other namesNeo Faliro
LocationNeo Faliro
Coordinates37°56′42″N 23°39′55″E / 37.944960°N 23.665285°E / 37.944960; 23.665285
Managed bySTASY
Line(s)Athens Metro Athens Metro Line 1
ConnectionsAthens Tram Athens Tram Line 7
Structure typeAt-grade
Platform levels2
Electrified1904 (Line 1)
Key dates
27 February 1869Line 1 opened
9 August 1882Line 1 station opened
16 February 1887Line 1 station resited[1]
14 June 2004Line 1 station rebuilt[1]
19 July 2004SEF tram stop opened[2]
28 November 2019Gipedo tram stop opened[3]
Preceding station Athens Metro Athens Metro Following station
Line 1 Moschato
towards Kifissia
Preceding station Athens Tram Athens Tram Following station
Mikras Asias
towards Agia Triada
Line 7
Loop westbound only
Neo Faliro
Omiridou Skylitsi
One-way operation
Line 7
Loop eastbound only

Tram stops


Two tram stops serve Faliro metro station, both of which are located next to Poseidonos Avenue:

  • Gipedo Karaiskaki (Greek: Γήπεδο Καραϊσκάκη) serves westbound Line 7 trams heading towards Agia Triada in Piraeus, and is connected to the metro station via a pedestrian subway.
  • Stadio Irinis & Filias (Greek: Στάδιο Ειρήνης & Φιλίας), abbreviated to as SEF, serves eastbound Line 7 trams heading towards Asklepieio Voulas, and is connected to the metro station with a footbridge over Poseidonos Avenue.

Stadio Irinis & Filias opened on 19 July 2004, as the western terminus of the initial network for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.[2][5] Gipedo Karaiskaki opened on 28 November 2019, originally as an alighting point for trams heading towards the Port of Piraeus.[3] Both stops were closed from 16 March 2020 to 21 January 2021, due to realignment works associated with the Faliro Waterfront regeneration project.[6]

Stadio Irinis & Filias consists of two island platforms and four tracks, and has a set of crossovers to the east, allowing trams to turn back in case of disruption on the Piraeus loop: the crossovers were also in regular use when Stadio Irinis & Filias was the terminus.

Station layout

Platform 1 out of order
Island platform, outbound or interchange to    
Platform 2   towards Piraeus (Terminus)
Island platform, inbound
Platform 3   towards Kifissia (Moschato)
Side platform, outbound or interchange to    
Customer service Tickets
Poseidonos Avenue
Platform 4 out of order
Island platform, out of order
Platform 5 out of order
Platform 6A/6B     towards Syntagma/Asklpiio Voulas →
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 7A/7B     towards Syntagma/Asklpiio Voulas →


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