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Fictional charactersEdit

  • Alejandro Falco from the Mexican television series, Falco
  • Falco Lombardi from the Star Fox video games
  • Marcus Didius Falco, protagonist of historical detective novels by Lindsey Davis
  • Nick Falco, a police detective on the television show Law & Order
  • Falco, a rival character from the manga Fist of the North Star
  • Alexander Falco, a wealthy LaRue collector in the 1997 film Mouse Hunt
  • Shane Falco, quarterback for the fictional Washington Sentinels in The Replacements
  • Senator Falco, ally of Emperor Commodus in Gladiator
  • Dr. Henry Falco, a villainous scientist who becomes the Rat King in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series


Nicknames or abbreviationsEdit

  • Oberto Airaudi (1950–2013), also known as "Falco", Italian philosopher and designer of the Temples of Humankind
  • Falco (musician) (1957–1998), Austrian pop/rock star
  • Andrew Falkous, known as "Falco", guitarist and frontman of the now-defunct band Mclusky and his new group Future of the Left

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