Faith-based organization

A faith-based organization is an organization whose values are based on faith and/or beliefs, which has a mission based on social values of the particular faith, and which most often draws its activists (leaders, staff, volunteers) from a particular faith group. The faith to which the organization is relating to does not have to be academically classified as religion. The term "faith-based organization" is more inclusive than the term "religious organization" as it refers also to the non-congregation faith beliefs.[1]

Faith-based organizations are grass-root organizations active locally but also on an international[2] scale. Their funding comes from member donations, but they are also eligible for state[3] or international grants.[4]

Currently, this terminology is widely used in governmental,[5][6] inter-governmental,[7][8] and non-governmental settings.[9] World Bank prepared a list of international faith-based organizations.[10]

Policymakers in Germany have recognised the potential in cooperating with faith-based organizations.[11]

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