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Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah Al Saud

Fahad bin Faisal bin Abdullah Al Saud (Arabic:فهد بن فيصل بن عبدالله بن محمد ال سعود) is a Saudi Arabian businessman and a member of the House of Saud.

Fahad Bin Faisal bin Abdullah Al Saud
Full name
Fahad bin Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud
HouseHouse of Saud
FatherFahd bin Abdullah Al Saud
MotherFahda bint Bandar bin Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud
ReligionWahhabi Hanbali Sunni Islam


Early lifeEdit

Prince Fahad is one of eight children sired by Faisal bin Abdullah, the grandson of Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman .[1] His mother is Fahda bint Bandar bin Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud.[2]


Prince Fahad is the chairman, CEO and founder of F6 Holdings and also founded FAMA Holdings in 1993, a Saudi Arabia-based marketing and investment company.[3] He operates F6 as an innovative and highly integrated global development firm.[3]

Prince Faisal claimed that he was close to purchasing a 50% share of Liverpool F.C. for a price of $250 to $450 million in 2009.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Nouf, the daughter of Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and granddaughter of former King, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and has two children from this marriage. He was also married to Princess Ghana Al Saud[who?] and has three children from that marriage, three sons and two daughters.[1]



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