Fagerli Hydroelectric Power Station

The Fagerli Hydroelectric Power Station (Norwegian: Fagerli kraftverk or Fagerli kraftstasjon)[1] is a hydroelectric power station in the municipality of Fauske in Nordland county, Norway.[2] It utilizes a drop of 232 meters (761 ft)[1] between its intake reservoir at Nedre Daja (Lower Lake Daja; also Norwegian: Dajavatnet,[3] Lule Sami: Vuolep Dája[3]) and Langvatnet (Long Lake) in Sulitjelma. The plant operates at an installed capacity of 48 MW, with an average annual production of about 252 GWh.[1] It is owned by Salten Kraftsamband and came into operation in 1975.[1] The Fagerli plant was the first one built by Salten Kraftsamband, in cooperation with Sulitjelma Mines.[1]

Fagerli Power Station
Fagerli kraftstasjon.jpg
Official nameFagerli kraftverk
LocationSulitjelma, Nordland
Coordinates67°07′09″N 16°04′38″E / 67.11917°N 16.07722°E / 67.11917; 16.07722Coordinates: 67°07′09″N 16°04′38″E / 67.11917°N 16.07722°E / 67.11917; 16.07722
Opening date1975; 47 years ago (1975)
Owner(s)Salten Kraftsamband
Upper reservoir
CreatesNedre Daja
Lower reservoir
Power Station
Hydraulic head232 m
Installed capacity48 MW
Capacity factor59.9%
Annual generation252 GW·h

The old Fagerli Power StationEdit

The old Fagerli power station was built by Sulitjelma Mines. The remaining buildings currently belong to the Sulitjelma Museum.

By 1898 a power station had been set up at the outflow of the Balmi River into Langvatnet, also named the Fagerli Power Station. It was built by Sulitjelma Mines and supplied electricity for general use in Sulitjelma and to the mine. It originally had an installed capacity of 175 kVA and a voltage of 5 kV. The power station was upgraded several times, and in 1929 a 4.2 MVA generator was installed with a 3.6 MW turbine. The gross head was 43 m (141 ft) with a maximum discharge of 10 m3/s (350 cu ft/s). A particular problem was the large amount of sediment carried by the Balmi River, which caused extensive wear and tear to the turbines.[4]

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