Claës Fabian Tamm (13 November 1879 – 4 October 1955) was a Swedish Navy admiral who was the Chief of the Navy from 1939 to 1945.

Fabian Tamm
C.F. Tamm.jpg
Birth nameClaës Fabian Tamm
Born(1879-11-13)13 November 1879
Film, Sweden
Died4 October 1955(1955-10-04) (aged 75)
Stockholm, Sweden
Service/branchSwedish Navy
Years of service1899–1945
Commands heldChief of Coastal Fleet (1933–39)
Chief of the Navy (1939–45)


Tamm was born in Film, Uppsala County, Sweden, the son of the Governor of Stockholm and cabinet minister baron Claës Gustaf Adolf Tamm and his wife Ebba (née Tersmeden).[1] He became acting sub-lieutenant in the Swedish Navy in 1899 and sub-lieutenant in 1901.[2] Tamm was promoted to lieutenant in 1907 and was adjutant and librarian at the Royal Swedish Naval Academy as well as teacher in law of war and maritime law from 1907 to 1910 and in naval warfare from 1910. He was adjutant at the Military Office of the Ministry for Naval Affairs from 1911.[3] Tamm was naval attaché in Berlin and Copenhagen from 1914 to 1917, secretary in Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences from 1918 to 1921 and was head of the Royal Swedish Naval Academy from 1921 to 1925.[1]

Tamm was then head of department at the Naval Staff in 1926, was promoted to captain in 1927 and was a member of the Defense Committee in 1928 and 1929. He was promoted to flag captain in 1930 and was an expert at the World Disarmament Conference in Geneva in 1932. Tamm was head of the Military Office of the Ministry for Naval Affairs from 1931 to 1933 and Chief of the Coastal Fleet from 1933 to 1939. He was promoted to vice admiral in 1939 and was Chief of the Navy from 1939 to 1945.[1] He was appointed admiral in the reserve in 1947, two years after he left active service.

Other workEdit

Tamm (second from right) in 1944.

Tamm was chairman of the board of Ströms Bruks AB, Ljusne-Woxna AB and Rederi AB Svea (1945–52).[1][4] Tamm was also chairman of the board of the Association of Army, Navy and Air Film (Föreningen Armé- Marin- och Flygfilm) from 1932 to 1939[5] and board member of AB Finnboda Varv.[4]

In 1914, Tamm became a member of the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences (honorary member in 1933) and in 1925 he became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.[6]

Personal lifeEdit

In 1908, Tamm married baroness Eva Ebba Gustafva Beck-Friis (1884–1963), daughter of baron Carl Joachim Beck-Friis and baroness Anna von Otter.[6] Tamm died in 1955 and was buried at Galärvarvskyrkogården in Stockholm.[7]

Dates of rankEdit

  • 1899 – Acting Sub-Lieutenant (Underlöjtnant)
  • 1901 – Sub-Lieutenant (Löjtnant)
  • 1907 – Lieutenant (Kapten)
  • 1918 – Commander (Kommendörkapten)
  • 1927 – Captain (Kommendör)
  • 1933 – Rear admiral
  • 1939 – Vice admiral
  • 1947 – Admiral

Awards and decorationsEdit

Tamm's awards:[1]


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