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FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. is a Turkish joint venture company owned 51% by Nurol Holding of Turkey and 49% by BAE Systems Inc. with facilities located in Gölbaşı, Ankara, Turkey. FNSS was founded as a joint venture between FMC Corporation and Nurol Holding as FMC Nurol Savunma Sanayii A.Ş. FNSS is a major supplier of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles and weapon systems for the Turkish Armed Forces and Allied Armed Forces.[3]

FNSS Defence Systems
TypePublic limited company
Area served
ProductsArmored Combat Vehicles Weapon Systems
ServicesUpgrade & Modernisation
Integrated Logistic Support Services
  • Increase US$ 515,018,000 (2019)
  • US$ 374,552,094,000 (2018)
Number of employees
FNSS Pars 4x4 Anti-tank at the IDEF 2019.
FNSS ACV-15 Adnan of Malaysian Army
FNSS Kaplan MT.
FNSS Sharpshooter Turret mounted on DefTech AV8


Tracked Armored Vehicles[4][5]Edit

  • ACV-AAPC (advanced armored personnel carrier) — with a one-man turret with a 12.7 mm machine gun and ab7.62 mm machine gun; 13 troops carried.
    • AIFV with FMC EWS (assembled by DAF Special Products) turret with a 25 mm Oerlikon Contraves 25 mm cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun
    • AIFV with Giat Dragar turret with a 25 mm M811 cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun.
  • ACV-ATV — Armored Tow Vehicle. Fitted with a Norwegian one-man turret with two BGM-71 TOW missiles in a ready to launch position, and four troops carried.
  • ACV-AMV — Armored Mortar Vehicle. Fitted with an 81 mm mortar and a 7.62 mm machine gun.
  • 120 mm AMV — A private venture, armed with a TDA 120mm recoiling mortar in the rear of the vehicle.
  • ACV-IFV Sharpshooter — IFV with FNSS Sharpshooter Turret. This variant is now being exported to Malaysia (ACV-300 Adnan).
  • ACV with HMTS — armed with four Hellfire missiles in the ready to fire position.
  • ACV-300 — Fitted with a 300 hp powerpack similar to the M113A3, but with high power.
  • ACV-350 — Fitted with a 350 hp powerpack.
  • ACV-S — A stretched version of the AIFV with an additional road wheel and extra armor giving resistance to 14.5mm AP projectiles, with an upgraded 350 or 400 hp powerpack. Weight is 18,000 kg. A variety of turrets are available, including 12.7mm, 25mm (FNSS Sharpshooter Turret) and 30 mm as well as an Eryx ATGM missile launcher and 120mm mortar turret.

Wheeled Armored Vehicles[4]Edit

  • FNSS Pars
    • Pars III 6x6
    • Pars III 8x8
    • Pars 4x4 STA Anti-tank
    • Pars 6x6 Scout
    • Pars 6x6 CBRN vehicle

Engineering Vehicles[4]Edit

  • FNSS Samur SYHK wheeled amphibious armoured vehicle-launched bridge
  • AZMİM Kunduz tracked amphibious combat engineering armoured bulldozer

Gun turrets[4]Edit


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