FK Dinamo Pančevo

FK Dinamo Pančevo (Serbian Cyrillic: ФК Динамо Панчево) is a defunct football club based in Pančevo, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Dinamo Pančevo
FK Dinamo Pančevo crest.png
Full nameFK Dinamo Pančevo
Nickname(s)Brzi voz (The Fast Train)
GroundGradski stadion Pančevo
2014–15Serbian League Vojvodina, 10th of 16


Founded in 1945, the club made its debut in the 1946–47 Serbian League (Group North), placing second behind Sloga Novi Sad.[1] They were subsequently defeated by Torpedo Sarajevo in the playoffs for the Yugoslav First League, but instead qualified to the newly formed Yugoslav Second League.[1] The club spent two seasons in the second tier before being relegated to the newly formed Yugoslav Third League in 1950.[1]

After the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992, the club competed in the Second League of FR Yugoslavia for three seasons, before suffering relegation to the newly formed Serbian League Vojvodina in 1995.[2] They spent just one year in the third tier, finishing as runners-up, and took promotion back to the Second League.[2] Over the next seven seasons, the club remained in the second tier.[3] They were relegated to the Serbian League Vojvodina in 2003 and subsequently to the Vojvodina League East in 2004.[3] The club was eventually relegated to the fifth tier after finishing bottom of the table in 2004–05.[3]

In the summer of 2006,[3] the club merged with local rivals PSK and participated in the 2006–07 Serbian League Vojvodina,[4] but failed to avoid relegation to the Vojvodina League East. They spent the following five years in the fourth tier. The club finished first in the 2011–12 season and returned to the Serbian League Vojvodina. They played in the third tier until 2015, before withdrawing from the competition.[5]


Vojvodina League East (Tier 4)

  • 2011–12

Notable playersEdit

National team players[6]

For a list of all FK Dinamo Pančevo players with a Wikipedia article, see Category:FK Dinamo Pančevo players.

Managerial historyEdit

Period Name
  Stevan Mojsilović
  Nebojša Petrović
  Zoran Madževski
  Goran Mrđa
2011–2012   Timotije Davidović
2012   Aleksandar Stevanović
2013   Goran Mrđa
2013   Žarko Todorović
2014   Goran Mrđa
2015   Žarko Todorović


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