FK Bačka 1901

FK Bačka 1901 (Serbian Cyrillic: ФК Бачка 1901) is a football club from Subotica in Bačka, Serbia. It is the longest running club in Serbia and also the oldest within the former Yugoslavia. Founded in 1901 in Subotica, the club's colors are red and white, while the club's anthem is Pivaj Bačka veselo.

FK Bačka 1901
Full nameFudbalski klub Bačka 1901 Subotica
Nickname(s)crveno-bili (The Red-Whites)
Founded3 August 1901
GroundStadion na Somborskoj kapiji
ChairmanNemanja Simović
ManagerSlobodan Kustudić
LeagueSerbian League Vojvodina


The club was founded in 1901, during Austro-Hungarian administration. Bačka 1901 played a big role in a cultural and sport autonomy of Bunjevci Croats in Bačka during the Austro-Hungarian period.[1]

Its first name was Bácska Szabadkai Athletikai Club, since it was registered by the Austro-Hungarian authorities in Hungarian language.

In its early years, the club played in the leagues of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom of Hungary, regularly winning in the southern league. After the First World War, the region became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed Yugoslavia in 1929), and the club participated in the Yugoslav championship twice, in its 1923 inaugural season and in 1925. During this time the club was named JSD Bačka.

In 1941, during the Axis occupation of Yugoslavia, Bačka was attached to Horthy's Hungary and the club was forced to compete in the Hungarian League, where it entered competition in its third-tier. In 1945 the communist authorities renamed the club to HAŠK Građanski (Croat Academical Sports Club Građanski) in their attempt to Croatize Slavic populations of Bačka region. Soon after the club was renamed to FD Sloboda. Later, it was renamed to FD Zvezda, and in 1963, the club returned the name Bačka.

FK Bačka 1901 - AIK Bačka Topola in Subotica (1970s)

FK Bačka 1901 were promoted to the Serbian League Vojvodina, national third tier in 2013.

In May 2007 the president of the club became Dragan Vujković, former member of the Yugoslav national boxing team and silver medalist from two World Amateur Championships.[2][3]

Names through historyEdit

  • Bácska Szabadkai Athletikai Club
  • JAD "Bačka"
  • HŠK "Bačka"
  • Hrvatski akademski športski klub "Građanski"
  • FD "Sloboda"
  • FD "Zvezda"
  • FK "Bačka"

Notable playersEdit

These players are listed in the club's official website.[4] In alphabetic order:

Besides these above, among Bačka's legendary persons are Lajos Vermes, Nikola Matković and Đuro Stantić.

For the list of former and current players with Wikipedia article, please see: Category:FK Bačka 1901 players.


List of all coaches:[6]

FK Bačka in artEdit

Croatian writer from Bačka, Milivoj Prćić, has written a monodrama, Pivaj Bačka veselo, dedicated to this club.

Later in 2006, Rajko Ljubič made a movie of the same name after Prćić's work.


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