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The FIH Men's World Ranking is a ranking system for men's national teams in field hockey. The teams of the member nations of International Hockey Federation (FIH), field hockey's world governing body, are ranked based on their game results and performance. The rankings were introduced in October 2003.[1]

Current rankingsEdit

Uses of the rankingsEdit

The rankings were introduced to overcome the criticism of fixing when drawing the pools for each tournament. It also determines the quotas for tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.[3]

Calculation methodEdit


All of the FIH-recognised, including qualifying and continental matches played in last four years are included in ranking points calculation. However, the past results will be deducted by the percentage set by the FIH as shown by the tabulation below:

Year Points percentage included
Year 4 100%
Year 3 75%
Year 2 50%
Year 1 25%
Total points

Continental championships methodEdit

FIH had set allocated ranking points for all the continental tournaments. However, a different percentage of points for every continent raised questions about the system. Only Europe had full 100% points allocation for all classifications while the others had only several finishers with full points allocation. Africa was the sole continent with neither men's or women's tournaments having full points allocation regardless of the classifications.

New calculation methodEdit

From 2020 onwards, the FIH rolled out a new match-based world rankings system similar to the ones being used in rugby union and association football.[4]

Rank leadersEdit

Men's at the end of each year
Year Team
Present   Netherlands
2022   Australia
2020   Belgium
2019   Australia
2018   Belgium
2017   Australia
2012   Germany
2011   Australia
2009   Germany
2005   Australia
2004   Germany
Men's Leaderboard
Team Years
  Australia 11
  Germany 7
  Belgium 2

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