FIFA Player of the Century

FIFA Player of the Century was a one-off award created by FIFA to decide the greatest football player of the 20th century, announced at the annual FIFA World gala, held in Rome on 11 December 2000.[1] Diego Maradona and Pelé were joint winners of the award.[2][3]


Since 1955, FIFA has had awards for FIFA World Player of the Year and they decided to bring in the year 2000 by conducting a public vote to decide the FIFA Player of the Century. This was to be decided by votes on their official website, their official magazine, and a grand jury. Maradona won the Internet-based poll by wide margins, garnering 53.6% of the votes against 18.53% for Pelé.[4] Despite the fact that Eusébio, who played football professionally during Pelé's era, placed third in the poll, many observers complained that the Internet nature of the poll would have meant a skewed demographic of younger fans who would have seen Maradona play, but not Pelé. As a result, FIFA decided to add a second poll and appointed a "Football Family" committee composed of football journalists, officials, and coaches, who voted Pelé the best player of the century with 72.75% of the vote, thus both were joint winners of the award.[5]

FIFA Internet voteEdit

The results of FIFA's internet Poll were as follows:[6]

Player Nationality Percentage
1 Diego Maradona   Argentina 53.60%
2 Pele   Brazil 18.53%
3 Eusebio   Portugal 6.21%
4 Roberto Baggio   Italy 5.42%
5 Romário   Brazil 1.69%
6 Marco van Basten   Netherlands 1.57%
7 Ronaldo   Brazil 1.55%
8 Franz Beckenbauer   Germany 1.50%
9 Zinedine Zidane   France 1.34%
10 Rivaldo   Brazil 1.19%
11 Zico   Brazil 1.15%
12 Garrincha   Brazil 1.08%
13 Johan Cruyff   Netherlands 0.87%
14 Alfredo Di Stéfano   Argentina 0.68%
15 Michel Platini   France 0.58%
16 Bobby Charlton   England 0.39%
17 Ferenc Puskás   Hungary 0.37%
18 Lothar Matthäus   Germany 0.37%
19 Lev Yashin   Soviet Union 0.36%
20 George Best   Northern Ireland 0.32%

FIFA Magazine and Grand Jury voteEdit

This part of the award was decided by the FIFA Magazine readers vote and the FIFA Grand Jury.[6]

Player Nationality Percentage
1 Pelé   Brazil 72.75%
2 Alfredo Di Stéfano   Argentina 9.75%
3 Diego Maradona   Argentina 6.0%
4 Franz Beckenbauer   Germany 2.5%
5 Johan Cruyff   Netherlands 2.0%
George Best   Northern Ireland 2.0%
7 Roberto Baggio   Italy 1.0%
Garrincha   Brazil 1.0%
Zico   Brazil 1.0%
Michel Platini   France 1.0%
Gerd Müller   Germany 1.0%


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