FIDE Grand Prix 2022

The FIDE Grand Prix 2022 is a series of three chess tournaments, to be played between 3 February and 4 April 2022 in Berlin, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia.[2][1] The top two finishers will qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2022,[3] which is the final qualification stage for the World Chess Championship 2023.

FIDE Grand Prix Series 2022
Tournament information
LocationGermany Berlin
Serbia Belgrade[1]
DatesFebruary 2022–
April 2022
Series of Single-elimination tournaments


Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, all three tournaments were initially to be played in a single city, instead of playing in various cities as in previous editions.

The series is organized by World Chess. The company has chosen Berlin to host most of the series following a popular vote.[4]


Twenty-four players will qualify for the Grand Prix:[5]

  • The players who placed third to eighth at the Chess World Cup 2021, who were not World Champion or already qualified for the Candidates. Five out of a possible six players qualified in this way, because World Champion Magnus Carlsen placed third in the World Cup.
  • The players who placed third to eighth in the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2021, who were not World Champion, or already qualified for the Candidates or Grand Prix. Six players qualified in this way.
  • Hikaru Nakamura, nominee of the FIDE president.[6]
  • Daniil Dubov, organizer's nominee.[7]
  • The remaining places will be filled by the top players in the December 2021 rating list,[8] so long as they have participated in the FIDE World Cup 2021, or played at least nine games which counted in the FIDE rating lists from February to December 2021[a]. With 13 players qualifying by the other methods, 11 players will qualify in this way.

The table below shows the players who have qualified for the Grand Prix:[1]

Seeding Invitee Qualifying method Rating (December 2021) World rank
1   Ding Liren Rating list (3rd) 2799 3
2   Levon Aronian Rating list (6th) 2772 6
3   Anish Giri Rating list (7th) 2772 7
4   Wesley So Rating list (8th) 2772 8
5   Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Rating list (9th) 2767 9
6   Alexander Grischuk Rating list (10th) 2764 10
7   Richárd Rapport Rating list (11th) 2763 11
8   Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Grand Swiss (6th) 2761 12
9   Leinier Domínguez Rating list (15th) 2752 15
10   Hikaru Nakamura Presidential nominee 2736 -
11   Nikita Vitiugov Rating list (19th) 2731 19
12   Wei Yi Rating list (21st) 2729 21
13   Vidit Gujrathi World Cup (5th-8th) 2727 22
14   Dmitry Andreikin Rating list (23rd) 2724 23
15   Daniil Dubov Organizer's nominee 2720 24
16   Yu Yangyi Grand Swiss (4th) 2713 27
17   Sam Shankland World Cup (5th-8th) 2708 29
18   Alexei Shirov Grand Swiss (8th) 2704 31
19   Vladimir Fedoseev World Cup (4th) 2704 32
20   Alexandr Predke Grand Swiss (7th) 2682 52
21   Grigoriy Oparin Grand Swiss (3rd) 2681 55
22   Vincent Keymer Grand Swiss (5th) 2664 74
23   Amin Tabatabaei World Cup (5th-8th) 2643 108
24   Étienne Bacrot World Cup (5th-8th) 2642 111


Each player will play in two out of three of the tournaments. Each tournament will have 16 players, and have a two-stage format.[5]

In the first stage, the players are divided into four pools of four, and the players in each pool play a double round-robin mini-tournament. The four winners of the pools progress to the second stage.

In the second stage, the four pool winners play a knock-out tournament, consisting of semi-finals and a final. Both the semi-finals and final will consist of 2 regular time limit games, plus tie-breaks if required.

Players receive Grand Prix points according to their finishing position in each tournament. The two players with the most Grand Prix points across the two tournaments they play qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2022.


In the pool stage, if there is a tie for first, the tied players play tie-breaks.

In the knockout stage, tie-breaks are played if the match is tied after the 2 regular time limit games.

In both stages, two-way or three-way tie-breaks take the following format:

  • Players play 2 rapid chess games at 15 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. In the case of a three-way tie, a single round-robin is played.
  • If players are still tied, they play 2 blitz chess games at 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. In the case of a three-way tie, a single round-robin is played.
  • If players are still tied, a single armageddon chess game is played to decide the winner. In the case of a three-way tie, lots are drawn to determine the players, and the loser of the lot shares second place with the loser of the armageddon game.

In the case of a four-way tie, the players are divided into pairs and each pair plays a two-player tie-break by the above method. The two tie-break winners then play a tie-break by the above method, while the losers share third and fourth place in the pool.

Grand Prix pointsEdit

Grand Prix points will be awarded as follows:[5]

Round Grand Prix points
Winner 13
Runner-Up 10
Semi-final loser 7
2nd in pool 4
3rd in pool 2
4th in pool 0

The grand prix points for pool placings take into account tie-breaks played to determine first place. Players tied for other places, or still tied after tie-breaks, share grand prix points.

If players finish tied on Grand Prix points, then the following tie-breaks are applied, in order:

  • number of tournament first-place finishes;
  • number of tournament second-place finishes;
  • number of points scored in regular time limit games;
  • number of wins in regular time limit games;
  • drawing of lots.


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