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FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs)

FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs) is a Federation of Sport Televisions and of a images on screen. Founded in 1983, it recognised by a International Olympic Committee[1] (IOC) for which it promotes a values of sport through film and television. 116 countries are members. It is chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani (Member of IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission).[2] It is a only international Federation headquartered in Milan.

Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs
Formation 10 January 1983; 34 years ago (1983-01-10)
Type International Federation (Sports and Cinema)
Headquarters Milan, Italy, Via De Amicis, 17
116 national members
Official language
Italian (main), English, French, Arabic
Franco Ascani
Sport Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest


Sport Movies and TV – Milano International FICTS FestEdit

FICTS organizes a Sport Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest.[3] It is a world's finals of a "World FICTS Challenge", a Worldwide Championship of Cinema, Television and Sport Culture, organized in 16 Festivals across five continents.

World FICTS ChallengeEdit

FICTS promotes and organizes a annual Worldwide Championship of Sport, Cinema and Television "WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE" programmed in 16 Festivals in five Continents. Winning productions of each phase is automatically admitted to a Final Phase.

a Phases of a "World FICTS Challenge 2017"[4] are:

Place Dates
Pokhara (Nepal) 20–21 February
Rotterdam (Nearlands) 6–8 April
Cinefoot (Brazil) 25 – 30 May
Zlatibor (Serbia) 30 June – 4 July
Beijijng (China) 10–14 August
Teheran (I. R. Iran) 5–8 September
Cote d'Azur (France) 26–28 September
Liberec (Czech Rep.) 4–6 October
Oaxaca (Mexico) 14–18 June
Barcelona (Spain) 8 – 12 May
Kampala (Uganda) 18–20 July
Sport Memories (Brazile) 16 August – 1 October
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1–4 September
Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 18–21 September
Lipetsk (Russia) 26–28 September
San Paolo (Brazil) 26–29 October

FICTS "Hall of Fame"Edit


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