FIBT World Championships 2004

The FIBT World Championships 2004 took place in Königssee, Germany for the fourth time, doing so previously in 1979, 1986, and 1990 (Skeleton). This marked the first time all the events were in a single location at the championships since the 1996 event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Two manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Canada (Pierre Lueders, Giulio Zardo)
Silver   Germany (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmermann)
Bronze   Germany (André Lange, Kevin Kuske)

Four manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (André Lange, Udo Lehmann. Kevin Kuske, René Hoppe)
Silver   Germany (Christoph Langen, Christoph Heyder, Enrico Kühn, Jens Nohka)
Bronze   United States (Todd Hays, Pavel Jovanovic, Bill Schuffenhauer, Steve Mesler)

Two womanEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Susi Erdmann, Kristina Bader)
Silver   Germany (Sandra Prokoff, Anja Schneiderheinze)
Bronze   United States (Jean Racine, Vonetta Flowers)

Erdmann earned her third straight championship medal with her third different brakewoman. Fourth-place finisher Yvonne Cernota was brakewoman with Cathleen Martini. Cernota would die less than two weeks after the World championships on the same track in a bobsleigh accident.



Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Duff Gibson (CAN)
Silver   Florian Grassl (GER)
Bronze   Frank Kleber (GER)


Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Diane Sartor (GER)
Silver   Lindsay Alcock (CAN)
Bronze   Kerstin Jürgens (GER)

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany (GER)34310
2  Canada (CAN)2103
3  United States (USA)0022
Totals (3 nations)55515