FIBT World Championships 2003

The FIBT World Championships 2003 took place in Lake Placid, New York, United States (Men's bobsleigh), Winterberg, Germany (Women's bobsleigh), and Nagano, Japan (Men's and women's Skeleton). Lake Placid hosted the championship event for the eighth time, doing so previously in 1949, 1961, 1969, 1973, 1978, 1983, and 1997 (Skeleton). Winterberg hosted the championship event for a third time, doing so previously in 1995 (Bobsleigh) and 2000 (Women's bobsleigh). This was Nagano's first time hosting a championship event. It was also the first time the championships were held in Asia.


Two manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (André Lange, Kevin Kuske)
Silver   Canada (Pierre Lueders, Giulio Zardo)
Bronze   Germany (René Spies, Franz Sagmeister)

Four manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (André Lange, René Hoppe. Kevin Kuske, Carsten Embach)
Silver   United States (Todd Hays, Bill Schuffenhauer, Randy Jones, Garrett Hines)
Bronze   Russia (Alexander Zubkov, Aleskey Seliverstov, Sergey Golubev, Dmitriy Stepushkin)

Two womanEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Susi Erdmann, Annegret Dietrich)
Silver   Germany (Sandra Prokoff, Ulrike Holzner)
Bronze   Germany (Cathleen Martini, Yvonne Cernota)



Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Jeff Pain (CAN)
Silver   Chris Soule (USA)
Bronze   Brady Canfield (USA)


Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Michelle Kelly (CAN)
Silver   Yekaterina Mironova (RUS)
Bronze   Tristan Gale (USA)

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany (GER)3126
2  Canada (CAN)2103
3  United States (USA)0224
4  Russia (RUS)0112
Totals (4 nations)55515