Regional football federations of Ukraine

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Regional football federations of Ukraine is associated members of Football Federation of Ukraine in regions of Ukraine.

In 2000 Football Federation of Ukraine created Council of Regions for the development of football in the regions throughout the country. It was dissolved in 2010.


There are 24 active members, while membership of other 3 association is suspended due to the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Each region conducts its own championship, while most of them has also the second and the third tiers of league competitions. Each region also conducts a regional cup competitions as well as some additional regional tournaments. Along with it each regional federation has several smaller regional federations of its own (raion and city federations). Note that the Sevastopol City Football Federation cooperates with the Crimean Republican Football Federation and often teams from Sevastopol compete in the championship of the peninsula.

Due to the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, several regions were forced to suspend all sports competition due to war conditions. Republican Crimean Football Federation was raided and under the UEFA Special Commission mediation transferred to the Russian Football Union. Later it was renamed as Crimean Football Union. In 2016 Football Federation of Ukraine revived the Football Federation of Crimea in Kherson.

Football competitions in Luhansk Oblast were conducted under auspices of pro-Russian separatist administration (Luhansk People's Republic), while in Donetsk Oblast competitions were resumed under united championship of Donbas.

Football Federation Year Office Members Competitions Links
Autonomous Republic of Crimea/Sevastopol 1993/1995 x 15+10/0+18 Republican FFK / Tavria fan's website
Cherkasy Oblast 1991/1997 Cherkasy 26+7 1954 FFCHO
Chernihiv Oblast 1999 Chernihiv 15+22 1947[1] CNOFF
Chernivtsi Oblast 1997 Chernivtsi 13+12 1941/1945 FFBUK
Bukovyna Sport-Portal
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 1993 Dnipro 34+11 FFDO
Donetsk Oblast 1994 Sloviansk 39+55 suspended
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 1991 Ivano-Frankivsk 19+13 IFFF
Kharkiv Oblast 1993 Kharkiv 24+8 HOFF
Kherson Oblast 1996 Kherson 15+11 HOFF (new)
Kherson Oblast Football Federation (old)
Khmelnytskyi Oblast 1998 Khmelnytskyi 26+6 no website
Kirovohrad Oblast 1995 Kropyvnytskyi 24+9 KOFF-FFU
Kyiv Oblast/Kyiv 1997 Kyiv 39+6/0+74 KOFF/FFK
Luhansk Oblast 1990 Severodonetsk 9+9 suspended
Lviv Oblast 1990 Lviv 26+15 DUFLL
Mykolaiv Oblast 1994 Mykolaiv 24+6 FFMO
Odesa Oblast 1991 Odesa 18+12 OOFA
Odesa Football Portal
Poltava Oblast 1998 Poltava 19+6 FFPO
Rivne Oblast Rivne 20+34 ROFF
Sumy Oblast 1992 Sumy 16+11 FFSumy
Ternopil Oblast 1991 Ternopil 18+17 TOFF
Vinnytsia Oblast 1992 Vinnytsia 22+8 VOFF
Volyn Oblast 1997 Lutsk 20+16 FFV
Zakarpattia Oblast 1997 Mukacheve 16+10 FFZ
Zaporizhzhia Oblast 1999 Zaporizhzhia 10+16 ZOFF
Zhytomyr Oblast 1992 Zhytomyr 13+7 ZHOFF

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