FFHG Division 1

FFHG Division 1 (Fédération Française de Hockey sur Glace Division 1 or French Ice Hockey Federation Division 1) is a semi-professional ice hockey league in France. It is the second of four levels of national ice hockey in France. The teams that end at the bottom of the table get relegated to FFHG Division 2 while the top get promoted to Ligue Magnus.

FFHG Division 1
SportIce hockey
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toLigue Magnus

2015/16 TeamsEdit

FFHG Division 1 consists of 14 teams.

Team Town Home Arena Founded
Anglet Hormadi Anglet Patinoire de la Barre 1969
Drakkars de Caen Caen Patinoire de Caen la mer 1968
Dogs de Cholet Cholet Pôle Sportif Glisséo 1977
Coqs de Courbevoie Courbevoie Patinoire municipale de Courbevoie 1972
Corsaires de Dunkerque Dunkirk Patinoire Michel Raffoux 1970
Aigles de La Roche sur Yon La Roche-sur-Yon Patinoire Arago
Yétis du Mont-Blanc Saint-Gervais
Patinoire de Saint-Gervais
Patinoire de Megève
Scorpions de Mulhouse Mulhouse Patinoire de l'Illberg 2007
Corsaires de Nantes Nantes Patinoire du Petit-Port 1984
Bisons de Neuilly-sur-Marne Neuilly-sur-Marne Patinoire municipale de Neuilly-sur-Marne 1974
Aigles de Nice Nice Palais des sports Jean-Bouin 1969
Bélougas de Toulouse Toulouse Patinoire Jacques Raynaud 1989
Remparts de Tours Tours Patinoire de Tours 2010
Bouquetins de Val Vanoise Méribel Méribel Ice Palace 1990


During the regular season, each team plays each of the other teams twice: once at home and once away (26 games). In the event of a tie at the end of three periods, one 10-minute overtime period is played based sudden-death rules. If the game is still tied after this period, the teams proceed to a shoot-out to determine a winner.

At the end of this regular season the eight highest-ranking teams enter a series of play-offs. In order to be promoted to the division above (the Ligue Magnus), the winner of the Division 1 play-offs then plays a best-of-three series against the losing team that division. The winning team of that series then qualifies for play in Ligue Magnus the following season, while the losing team stays in (or is relegated to) Division 1.

The four lowest-ranking teams also enter a play-off series in which the losing teams continue, and the overall losing team must play (and win) a best-of-three series against the champion of the FFHG Division 2 in order to avoid being relegated.[1]


Year Denomination Champion
1930-31 second series Chamonix 2
1931-32 second series Racing club de France 2
1932-33 second series Club des Sports d'Hiver de Paris
1933-34 second series Chamonix 2
1934-35 second series Stade Français 2
1935-36 second series Stade Français 2
1936-37 no championship
1937-38 second series Unavailable
1938-39 second series Unavailable
1941-42 second series Chamonix 2
1942-43 second series Racing club de France
1943-44 second series Club des Sports d'Hiver de Paris
1944-45 no championship
1945-46 no championship
1946-47 second series Club des Sports d'Hiver de Paris
1947-48 second series CO Billancourt
1948-49 second series Chamonix 2
1949-50 second series CO Billancourt
1950-51 second series Paris Université Club
1951-52 second series Chamonix 2
1952-53 second series Villard-de-Lans
1953-54 second series Unavailable
1954-55 second series Unavailable
1955-56 second series Saint Gervais
1956-57 second series Chamonix 2
1957-58 second series Villard-de-Lans
1958-59 second series Unavailable
1959-60 second series Villard-de-Lans
1960-61 second series US Métro
1961-62 second series Saint-Gervais
1962-63 second series ACBB 2
1963-64 second series ACBB 2
1964-65 second series Unavailable
1965-66 second series Unavailable
1966-67 second series Unavailable
1967-68 second series Grenoble/Villard 2
1968-69 second series Grenoble HC
1969-70 second series Unavailable
1970-71 second series Grenoble HC
1971-72 second series Lyon
1972-73 second series A.S. Grenoble
1973-74 Série B Megève
1974-75 Série B Viry-Châtillon
1975-76 Nationale B Tours
1976-77 Nationale B Tours
1977-78 Nationale B Français Volants
1978-79 Nationale B Caen
1979-80 Nationale B Lyon
1980-81 Nationale B Épinal
1981-82 Nationale B Amiens
1982-83 Nationale B Lyon
1983-84 Nationale B Français Volants
1984-85 Nationale B Rouen
1985-86 Nationale 2 Bordeaux
1986-87 Nationale 1B Tours
1987-88 Nationale 1B Viry-Châtillon
1988-89 Nationale 1B Caen
1989-90 Nationale 1B Chamonix
1990-91 Division 1 Viry-Châtillon
1991-92 Division 1 Bordeaux
1992-93 Nationale 2 Angers
1993-94 Nationale 2 Reims
1994-95 Nationale 1B Cherbourg
1995-96 Division 1 Gap
1996-97 Nationale 1B Briançon
1997-98 Nationale 1 Caen
1998-99 Nationale 1 Clermont
1999-00 Nationale 1 Brest
2000-01 Nationale 1 Villard-de-Lans
2001-02 Division 1 Villard-de-Lans
2002-03 Division 1 Épinal
2003-04 Division 1 Morzine
2004-05 Division 1 Mont-Blanc
2005-06 Division 1 Strasbourg
2006-07 Division 1 Tours
2007-08 Division 1 Neuilly-sur-Marne
2008-09 Division 1 Gap
2009-10 Division 1 Caen
2010-11 Division 1 Neuilly-sur-Marne
2011-12 Division 1 Mulhouse
2012-13 Division 1 Brest
2013-14 Division 1 Lyon
2014-15 Division 1 Bordeaux
2015-16 Division 1 Nice


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