Football Club Skala 1911 Stryi is a Ukrainian professional football team. The team is based in Stryi.

Football Club Skala 1911 Stryi
Full nameFC Skala 1911 Stryi
Founded1911; 113 years ago (1911)
GroundSokil Stadium
ManagerMykola Vasylyshyn
LeagueUkrainian Second League
2022–23Ukrainian Amateur League, Group 1, 3rd of 7 (promoted)
Emblem of Hazovyk-Skala

History edit

Over the years there were several clubs connected with Skala Stryi starting from 1911.

Club of Austria-Hungary and Poland edit

The first recorded match in Stryi was at times of Austria-Hungary, so called Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria on 29 June 1906 when a team of Stryj gymnasium (high school) lost to a team from Lemberg (Lviv).[1] The next year (1907) in Stryj was established Studencki Klub Sportowy which soon was renamed as KS Pogon Stryj.[1]

Starting from around 1910 there started to appear number of football teams in the city of Stryi: Pogon (Polish), Hakoah (Jewish), Sich (Ukrainian). Sich that was created in 1911 was the predecessor of Skala. The president of Sich became well known Ukrainian composer Ostap Nyzhankivsky. Due to the fact that name Sich can be very politically offensive towards Polish nationals, the name was changed to Skala in 1912 as USC Skala. As a word Skala is an obsolete form of another word Skelia and it is also used in the Russian language. However soon after 1912 the club disappeared. Some players joined the SSC Pogon Stryj, others discontinued to play football. During the World War I there was no sport life in Stryi. During the Ukrainian-Polish War, Poles killed Ostap Nyzhankivsky in 1919.

In 1922 the football team Skala Stryi was revived as a section of the Gymnastic Association Sokil. Sokil was a member of the Ukrainian Sports Union which however refused to cooperate with the Polish authorities therefore the Ukrainian teams were banned from the Polish competitions. In 1925 Skala Stryi became an independent organization and a member of the Ukrainian Sports Union. Starting from 1928 the Ukrainian football clubs started to join the Lviv District Football Union. The first team that joined the union was the Sports Association Ukraine. In 1931 Skala also followed that example. In 1933 however the club left the Lviv District Football Union and returned to the Ukrainian Sports Union. In 1936 Skala once again joined the Polish Football Federation. There was created the new Stanislawow District Football Union and all clubs from Stryi were initially transferred to it. However due to difficult transportation communications with the rest of the Stanislawow Voivodeship, the city clubs petitioned to stay with the Lviv District Football Union.[citation needed]

Skala Stryi (Karpaty Kamianka-Buzka) edit

The football club Skala was revived in 1989 with some support from public and the Stryi city sports committee headed by Vasyl Kokhanchyk as well as part of the drive for the Ukrainian national revival (so called "National Revival Wave").[2] The first president became Volodymyr Buriy who was assisted by Mykola Zelinsky (associated with FC Medyk Morshyn).[3] In the beginning the newly created club played in competitions of the Lviv Oblast championship.[2]

Following dissolution of the Soviet Union and creation of independent Ukrainian football championship, in 1992 FC Karpaty Kamianka-Buzka, club of the 1991 Soviet Second League B, was admitted to the 1992 Ukrainian First League, but due to difficult financial situation decided to withdraw.[2] The Stryi club played its first game against FC Zakarpattia Uzhhorod hosting it in Stryi and tying the match at 0.[2] The season Skala finished with 31 points tying for the 4th place along with Zakarpattia and FC Ros Bila Tserkva.[2] The club's best scorer in 1992 became Vasyl Kardash with 6 goals.[2]

Hazovyk-Skala Stryi (Hazovyk Komarno) edit

Later in 2001 the city of Stryi received a new team that relocated from Komarno, FC Hazovyk Komarno. The club was reorganized once again when its main football team relocated to Stryi.[4] In 2004 this team under the name of FC Hazovyk-Skala Stryi won the Druha Liha Group A championship and was promoted to the Ukrainian First League. Then the team became financially distressed after the 2005/06 season and was bought by the Ukrainian insurance company "Kniazha". They moved again and now to Lviv changing its name to FC Lviv. [1]

Skala Stryi (Morshyn) edit

Skala 1911 Stryi edit

The new club was revived in 2020 headed by its presided Oleh Kanivets.[5] Before starting at national amateur level (AAFU), in 2022 Kanivets replaced head coach with Mykola Vasylyshyn. In 2022 for the first time Skala entered the national amateur competitions under its actual name. The next season, Skala 1911 was admitted to Druha Liha. Vasylyshyn resigned on 30 September 2023.[6]

Honors edit

Current squad edit

As of 25 February 2024[8]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   UKR Denys Zavhorodniy
2 DF   UKR Yuriy Flyak
4 DF   UKR Artur Yanata
5 MF   UKR Andriy Lebedenko
7 MF   UKR Volodymyr Lukyanchenko
8 FW   UKR Roman Lisovyk
9 FW   UKR Taras Puchkovskyi
10 MF   UKR Bohdan Ivanchenko
11 MF   UKR Mykyta Fomin
14 MF   UKR Mykola Tsvyk
15 MF   UKR Danylo Hrabovetskyi
16 FW   UKR Valentyn Napuda
17 MF   UKR Andriy Petryk
19 DF   UKR Roman Tsen
No. Pos. Nation Player
20 DF   UKR Roman Nykolyshyn
21 MF   UKR Oleksandr Chepelyuk
22 MF   UKR Maksym Averyanov
30 FW   UKR Yevheniy Mazur
33 GK   UKR Kostyantyn Solobchuk
44 DF   UKR Ivan Pastukh
77 MF   UKR Serhiy Lebedyev
99 GK   UKR Vladyslav Savchenko (on loan from Mynai)
DF   UKR Oleksandr Rudenko
MF   UKR Andriy Ralyuchenko
MF   UKR Illya Tsurkan
FW   UKR Vadym Merdyeyev

League and cup history edit

As Skala Stryi edit

Soviet Union as Karpaty Kamyanka-Buzka
Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Domestic Cup Europe Notes
1991 4th "I" 16 50 15 15 20 48 55 45 Renamed in Skala
Relocated to Stryi
Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Domestic Cup Europe Notes
1992 2nd "B" 6 26 11 9 6 39 24 31 1/8 finals
1992–93 2nd 11 42 15 11 16 49 58 41 1/64 finals
1993–94 2nd 16 38 11 17 20 36 48 29 1/16 finals
1994–95 2nd 19 42 12 9 21 31 65 45 1/64 finals
1995–96 2nd 22 42 2 3 37 21 108 9 1/64 finals Relegated
Skala dissolved

As Hazovyk-Skala Stryi edit

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Domestic Cup Europe Notes
-2001 Refer to FC Hazovyk Komarno
2001–02 3rd "A" 10 36 12 11 13 31 38 47 2nd Round as Hazovyk-Skala Stryi
2002–03 3rd "A" 9 28 8 9 11 15 23 33 1/32 finals
2003–04 3rd "A" 1 30 18 11 1 46 15 65 1/16 finals Promoted
2004–05 2nd 12 34 12 7 15 34 39 43 1/32 finals
2005–06 2nd 6 34 14 10 10 35 33 52 1/8 finals Club moved to Lviv
Renamed FC Lviv
2006– Refer to FC Lviv

Officials edit

  • Volodymyr Buriy (Skala)[2]
  • Anatoliy Barabasevych (Skala)
  • Bohdan Kobryn (Skala)
  • Volodymyr Fek (Hazovyk-Skala)[7]
  • Oleksandr Didenko (Hazovyk-Skala, vice-president)[7]
  • Rostyslav Zaremba (Hazovyk-Skala, sports director)[7]

Head coaches edit

Karpaty → Skala edit

Hazovyk → Hazovyk-Skala edit

Morshyn → Skala edit

Skala 1911 edit

References edit

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