FC Caracal (2004)

FC Caracal was a Romanian professional football club from Caracal, Olt County, Romania.

FC Caracal
FC Caracal.png
Full nameFotbal Club Caracal
  • 1949; 72 years ago (1949)
    as Metalul Craiova
  • 2004; 17 years ago (2004)
    as FC Caracal
Dissolved2013; 8 years ago (2013)
2012–13Liga I, Seria III,2nd

Not to be confused with the old clubs that existed in the past in Caracal also named FC Caracal or FCM Caracal.


The club was founded at Craiova in 1949 under the name Metalul Craiova. Until 1998 the club was known as FC Electroputere Craiova. In that moment it was renamed Extensiv Craiova and started playing home games on Extensiv Stadium. At half season 2003–04, Extensiv changed its name to FC Craiova, but with no connection to the FC Craiova that existed between 1940–1949.

In 2004 the club was moved to Caracal.

Chronology of namesEdit

Name [1] Period
Metalul Craiova 1949–1956
Energia Craiova 1956–1957
Rovine Griviţa Craiova 1957–1958
Feroviarul Craiova 1958
CFR Rovine Craiova 1958–1959
Jiul Craiova 1959
CS Craiova 1959–1960
CFR Electroputere Craiova 1960–1961
Electroputere Craiova 1961–1998
Extensiv Craiova 1998–2003
FC Craiova 2003–2004
FC Caracal 2004–2013


Liga I

Liga II

Liga III

FC Caracal in EuropeEdit

Competition S P W D L GF GA GD
UEFA Europa League / UEFA Cup 1 2 0 0 2 0 10 – 10
Total 1 2 0 0 2 0 10 – 10

Recent seasonsEdit

Season Name Division Position
1990–91 Electroputere Craiova Liga II 1st
1991–92 Electroputere Craiova Liga I 3rd
1992–93 Electroputere Craiova Liga I 6th
1993–94 Electroputere Craiova Liga I 14th
1994–95 Electroputere Craiova Liga I 15th
1995–96 Electroputere Craiova Liga II 8th
1996–97 Electroputere Craiova Liga II 2nd
1997–98 Electroputere Craiova Liga II 2nd
1998–99 Extensiv Craiova Liga II 1st
1999-00 Extensiv Craiova Liga I 18th
2000–01 Extensiv Craiova Liga II 5th
2001–02 Extensiv Craiova Liga II 4th
2002–03 Extensiv Craiova Liga II 8th
2003–04 FC Craiova Liga II 9th
2004–05 FC Caracal Liga II 9th
2005–06 FC Caracal Liga II 9th
2006–07 FC Caracal Liga II 7th
2007–08 FC Caracal Liga II 17th
2008–09 FC Caracal Liga III 2nd
2009–10 FC Caracal Liga III 10th


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