FB, Fb, or fb may refer to:

Arts and mediaEdit

Science and technologyEdit


  • Framebuffer, in computer technology
  • FreeBASIC, a 32-bit compiler using BASIC syntax for DOS, Windows, and Linux
  • FictionBook, an open XML-based e-book format hailing from Russia

Other uses in science and technologyEdit

  • F B, a Japanese military vehicle used for crossing difficult swampy terrain
  • Fast busy, or reorder tone, a type of telephone signal
  • Feedback, in signaling systems
  • Femtobarn, a small unit of area used in high energy physics
  • Fluidized bed, a special technology used in energy, reactor, chemical engineering etc.
  • Hyundai FB, a series of buses manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company
  • Foreign body, any object originating outside the body


Other usesEdit

  • Bulgaria Air (Bulgarian: България еър, IATA code FB), the flag carrier airline of Bulgaria
  • Firebase or Fire support base, an artillery encampment
  • Footbridge (fb on some maps), a bridge designed for pedestrians

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