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Football Club Khooneh Be Khooneh Mazandaran (Persian: باشگاه فوتبال خونه‌به‌خونه مازندران‎) is an Iranian football club based in Babol, Iran. khooneh khooneh lost to the Iranian Cup in the 96_97 against Tehran's Independence, 1_0 and did not win the cup. Coach is Akbar Mishaqian certificate. They currently compete in the Azadegan League.[1][2]

Khooneh Be Khooneh Mazandaran
خونه‌به‌خونه مازندران
Khooneh be Khooneh logo.png
Full nameFootball Club Khooneh Be Khooneh Mazandaran
Nickname(s)Mazandaran Lions (شیرهای مازندران)
Founded2013; 6 years ago
GroundHaft-e Tir Stadium
OwnerGhasem Hasanzadeh
ChairmanJavad Hasanzadeh
LeagueAzadegan League
2018–19Azadegan League, 13th
WebsiteClub website



In 2012, Mazani chain store company from Babol, Khooneh Be Khooneh bought Bahman's certificate to take part in 3rd Division Football League. Previously, Khooneh Be Khooneh had successful experiences with their team in wrestling. With Farshad Pious as their manager they got their first promotion in their first season.[3]

After appointing Hamid Derakhshan midway through the season as manager in their first season at second tier of Iranian football, the team went on a disastrous run and missed out on promotion. However at the end of the season, Alireza Marzban the coach of Azadegan League champions Paykan announced he had taken over as manager.[4] In 2016–17 season following high hopes with Marzban as the coach, after suffering from some weak results, specially their 3-0 defeat against their rival Baadraan, club and manager decided to take separate ways from about middle of the season. Then Levon Stepanyan and Alireza Emamifar took over and co-managed the team against Pars Jonoubi Jam and Sepidrood as caretakers.[5] After a little while Nader Dastneshan managed the team for the rest of the season and failed to promote to upper division.[6]

In 2017-18, they've chosen former Team Melli's captain and assistant manager Javad Nekounam as their manager. Being under Carlos Queiroz for few months, Nekounam started his first season as manager with brilliant vision and strong ideas. He got great results with the team in the league and led them through Hazfi Cup's semi-final.[7][8] Just after losing the first game of his season with Khooneh Be Khooneh, he resigned from his position and soon after losing his second game of the season he left the club. He later signed by other Mazani club Nassaji and later led them into Persian Gulf Pro League after 24 years.[9][10] Later club replaced Nekounam with Croatian coach Dragan Skočić. Although Skočić got great results with the team and even went on unbeaten streak for 11 games and also led the team through Hazfi Cup's final, he failed to promote the team in the last week because of goal difference head to head with Nassaji in the table after Nassaji crushed Rah Ahan 6-0 in Tehran.[11][12]



Runners-up (1): 2017–18


The table below shows the achievements of the club in various competitions.

Season League Position Hazfi Cup Notes
2013–14 3rd Division 2nd Fourth Round Promote
2014–15 2nd Division 4th Fourth Round
2015–16 Azadegan League 6th Didn't enter
2016–17 Azadegan League 6th Third Round
2017–18 Azadegan League 3rd Runners-up

First-team squadEdit

As of July 30, 2018[13]
Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1   GK Mikaeil Imentoraj
4   DF Seyed Mohammad Ghoreyshi
5   MF Milad Abtahi
13   FW Mohammad Ghaseminejad
14   MF Mehdi Kheiri
18   DF Amir Mansourian
20   MF Sina Ghanbarpour
22   GK Naser Salari
No. Position Player
28   MF Nima Entezari
36   FW Mehrdad Heydari
44   MF Reza Mansouri
69   FW Baba Mohammadi
72   MF Mehdi Hanafi
77   DF Mostafa Hashemi
88   MF Mehran Amiri
96   DF Amir Ramezanzadeh
99   DF Hadi Kheiri

Current managerial staffEdit

Dragan Skočić, the former Khooneh Be Khooneh manager
Position Staff
Head coach   Akbar Misaghian
Assistant coach   Mehran Najafi
Assistant coach   Mehran Barzegar
Fitness coach   Tony Jušnik
Goalkeeper coach   Mladen Žganjer
Team manager   Ebrahim Mahmoudi

Managerial historyEdit

As of 2 May 2018.

Seasons Manager Nationality
2012–2013 Mohammad Ghorbanian  
2013–2014 Farshad Pious  
2014 Morteza Kermani Moghaddam *  
2014–2015 Farhad Kazemi  
2015–2016 Akbar Misaghian  
2016 Hamid Derakhshan  
2016 Hossein Rahmani *  
2016–2017 Alireza Marzban   
Seasons Manager Nationality
2017 Levon Stepanyan *
Alireza Emamifar *
2017 Nader Dastneshan  
2017 Hossein Rahmani *  
2017–2018 Javad Nekounam  
2018 Dragan Skočić  
2018 Ali Nazarmohammadi  
2018–present Akbar Misaghian  
* Served as caretaker coach.


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