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Nasl e Aboumoslem Football Club (Persian: باشگاه فوتبال نسل ابومسلم‎) is an Iranian football club based in Mashhad, Khorasan. They play in the 3rd Division.

Full nameNasl e Aboumoslem Football Club
Nickname(s)Black Pearl (Persian: مرواريد سياه‎)
Founded1970; 47 years ago
GroundTakhti Stadium
OwnerEsmaeil Vafaee[1]
League3rd Division
2015–162nd Division Group C, 10th (relegated)

The team was founded as Aboumoslem Khorasan, after the Persian general of Abbasid Era, Abu Muslim, who was commander of the Abbasid Revolution and led the Abbasid Revolution that toppled the Umayyad dynasty.[2][3]



In 1970 a group of football players from Mashhad decided to create a new football team by the name of Aboumoslem. Most of the players on the team knew each other and were from the Shah Abbasi Tri-way area. They had grown up playing football on the dirt fields of the area. When the Takht Jamshid Cup was created, a qualification tournament for provincial representatives was set up in Isfahan. Another club from Mashhad, named Arya F.C. represented the province of Khorasan but they were not able to make into the Takht Jamshid Cup.

After defeat in the tournament, it was decided that for Khorasan to have a powerful football team, Aboumoslem and Aria must merge. Three brothers by the names of Ataollah, Asghar and Heshmat Mohajerani helped to merge the clubs, and Aboumoslem was able to make it to the 1975 Takht Jamshid Cup, which was the top football league in Iran before the Iranian revolution. The team originally only wore black, but red was added late on. With the purchase of great players like Asgarkhani, Majid Tashrefi, Masih Masihnia, Alireza Ligarab, Hossein Omidvar and Mahmood Ebrahimzadeh they were able to become the best non-Tehran based club in the league that year. Success was short lived and the team was relegated the next season, staying in the 2nd division until the revolution.

Post RevolutionEdit

Like most sporting clubs in Iran, the revolution and the Iran–Iraq War severely limited the team's activities. From 1980 to 1984 the club participated in almost no meaningful competitions. This changed when in late 1984 local and provincial leagues were set up. In 1986 Aboumoslem won the Mashhad city league and the provincial championship in the following season. In the late 1980s, Shahdiran Inc. sponsored the team, giving the club a better chance at success. After the war the local and provincial leagues were scrapped in favor of nationwide leagues.

Among the notable players was Abolfazl Safavi, a quick forward-midfielder with small body and great ability to dribble, who played for several seasons until 1981. He was later arrested and executed for membership in a banned opposition group.

Aboumoslem made it to the newly established Azadegan League and participated during the 1990–91 and 1991–92 seasons, but was relegated after only two years. It was during this time that Aboumoslem's most famous player, Khodadad Azizi was discovered. Once relegated the club struggled dramatically, being relegated all the way to the third division, which was a local league. Shahdiran stopped sponsoring the team and was replaced by soft drink company, Khoshgovar. After several seasons in the lower leagues, Aboumoslem finally made it back to the top level of Iranian football, gaining promotion to the Azadegan League during the 1997–98 season. Aboumoslem had been in a poor financial situation that season, as Khoshgovar had stopped being its sponsor. Aboumoslem's only revenue came from advertisements and support from club fans, but surprisingly won promotion with the help of former Aboumoslem player, Akbar Misaghian. Aboumoslem again only stayed in the league for two seasons and was relegated during the 1999–2000 season. Around the same time the club went back to its roots, once again being sponsored by the Iranian police.

Iran Pro LeagueEdit

They were promoted again in the next season and debuted in Iran's first fully professional league, the IPL, for the 2001–02 season. They have remained in the IPL since with two 5th-place finishes being their best results. During this time the club has shown its skill for finding talented players, with famous Iranian football players such as Reza Enayati, Mojtaba Jabari and Andranik Teymourian all making their names there. After the 2004–05 season Aboumoslem's new sponsor became Iran Khodro.


In 2006 Khodadad Azizi joined the club as an advisor, beginning his new life in football management after retirement from playing. Akbar Misaghian the club's manager for the past two seasons resigned after the first week of the 2006–07 season due to financial disagreements with management. In January 2007, it became official and Khodadad Azizi was named manager of Aboumoslem. He was sacked less than a year later and replaced by Parviz Mazloomi in October 2007.Which[check spelling] he had a good season with the team and finished the league in the top half of the league but the season after he left the club for a better offer and the club had a very difficult season which they avoided the relegation in the last week and changed 3 head coaches and 3 chairmans but their instability continued for the 2009–10 season where they finished last and got relegated. In 2014 for the first time in the club's history the team was relegated to the 2nd Division.


Because of the financial problems suffered by the club, On 7 September 2014 the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports declared the bankruptcy of F.C. Aboomoslem. The new chairman Mehdi Biglari re-established the club in 2014 as Toloe Nasl e Aboomoslem Football Club. Aboomoslem restarted operations in 2016 and started competing in the fourth tier.

Mashhad DerbyEdit

The Mashhad derby also known as the Khorasan derby is a football local derby match between the two most popular clubs from Mashhad: F.C. Aboomoslem and Payam Mashhad. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s it was Iran's second most important derby after the Tehran derby. Nowadays it has lost its status to more popular derbies such as Esfahan derby, Ahvaz derby and Shiraz derby.


The club currently plays in Samen Stadium after years of playing in Mashhad's Takhti Stadium. The club recently announced plans to construct their own stadium with the help of the provincial government. The land was awarded to the team during Karim Malahi's time as club chairman. Construction was planned to begin March 2007 in the Elahieh area of Mashhad.[4]


Fan baseEdit

Aboomoslem is the most popular club from Khorasan with huge fan base in Razavi Khorasan Province, North Khorasan, South Khorasan and also in (Herat Province, Afghanistan) where there is a club by the name of Abumoslem Herat F.C.. In Mashhad, its popularity is only rivaled by Tehran's two biggest clubs Esteghlal F.C. and Persepolis F.C., and cross-city rival Payam Mashhad F.C. who has a smaller fan base.

Famous fansEdit


The table below chronicles the achievements of Aboumoslem in various competitions.

Season Division League Position Hazfi Cup Notes
1973–1974 2 2nd Division 7th Not held
1974–1975 2 2nd Division 1st Not held Promoted
1975–1976 1 Takht Jamshid Cup 5th 1/16 Final
1976–1977 1 Takht Jamshid Cup 16th 1/8 Final Relegated
1977–1978 2 2nd Division 1st Not held Promoted
1978–1979 1 Takht Jamshid Cup did not finish Not held
1979–1984 Not held Not held
1984–1985 1 Mashhad Football League 1st Not held
1985–1986 1 Mashhad Football League 1st Not held
1987–1988 1 Khorasan Football League 1st 1/16 Final
1988–1989 1 Khorasan Football League 2nd 1/8 Final
1989–1990 1 Khorasan Football League 1st Did not qualify Promoted
1990–1991 2 2nd Division 1st 1/8 Final Promoted
1991–1992 1 Azadegan League 12th Not held
1992–1993 1 Azadegan League 8th Not held Relegated
1993–1994 3 Khorasan Football League 1st Did not qualify Promoted
1994–1995 2 2nd Division 4th Did not qualify
1995–1996 2 2nd Division 3rd Second round
1996–1997 2 2nd Division 5th Second round
1997–1998 2 2nd Division 4th Not held Promoted
1998–1999 1 Azadegan League 8th 1/8 Final
1999–2000 1 Azadegan League 11th 1/16 Final Relegated
2000–2001 2 2nd Division 1st 1/16 Final Promoted
2001–2002 1 Iran Pro League 5th 1/8 Final
2002–2003 1 Iran Pro League 12th
2003–2004 1 Iran Pro League 10th 1/8 Final
2004–2005 1 Iran Pro League 8th Final
2005–2006 1 Iran Pro League 5th 1/8 Final
2006–2007 1 Iran Pro League 6th
2007–2008 1 Iran Pro League 4th 1/16 Final
2008–2009 1 Iran Pro League 15th 1/16 Final
2009–2010 1 Iran Pro League 17th 1/8 Final Relegated
2010–2011 2 Azadegan League 5th 2nd round
2011–2012 2 Azadegan League 6th 1/8 Final
2012–2013 2 Azadegan League 6th 1/4 Final
2013–2014 2 Azadegan League 12th Third round Relegated
2014–2015 3 2nd Division 6th Fourth round
2015–2016 3 2nd Division 10th First round Relegated
2016–2017 4 3rd Division 8th
2017–2018 4 3rd Division

Club chairmenEdit


Club managersEdit


Club honoursEdit


  • 2nd Division
  • Khorasan Football League
    • Champions (3): 1987–88, 1989–90, 1993–94
    • Runners-up (1): 1988–89
  • Mashhad Football League
    • Champions (2): 1984–85, 1985–86


Individual honoursEdit

top scorers in Iranian League

Season Player Goals
1998–99   Abduljalil Golcheshmeh 14
2001–02   Reza Enayati 17
2006–07   Daniel Olerum 17


As of 10 September 2013:[6]

First-team squadEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
  DF Mohsen Neysani
  DF Mehdi Kiani
  DF Meisam Khosravi
  DF Mohammad Rostami
  DF Bijan Koushki
  DF Seyed Mohammad Hosseini (captain)
  MF Hadi Jafari
  Mohammad Ahmadpour
  MF Ali Haghdoost
  MF Mohammad Mansouri
  MF Hamid Sharafi
  MF Farzad Hamidi
  MF Davoud Daneshdoost
No. Position Player
  Mohammad Ghahreman
  Mohammad Gholipour
  Amir Mohebbi
  Ali Molayi
  Mostafa Bijani
  Ali Nademi (U23)
  Vahid Jalali (U23)
  Adel Sarshar (U23)
  Jamil Zobeidavi (U23)
  Farzad Khanifar (U23)
  Behzad Shiri (U23)
  Saeed Jalalian (U23)

For recent transfers, see List of Iranian football transfers winter 2013–14.

Former playersEdit

For details on former players, see Category:Aboomoslem players.

Aboomoslem Players at major tournamentsEdit

The following players were selected for their national teams for major tournaments while playing for Aboomoslem:

Cup Players
  1976 AFC Asian Cup   Mehdi Asgarkhani
  2000 WAFF Championship   Hamid Reza Ebrahimi
  2001 FIFA World Youth Championship   Ershad Yousefi
  2002 WAFF Championship   Reza Enayati
  2005 Islamic Solidarity Games   Fereydoon Fazli
  Mojtaba Jabbari
  Andranik Teymourian
  2006 FIFA World Cup   Andranik Teymourian


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